Good Old Games – Because We Know You Lost The Original Disk

I don’t want you to panic. Seriously, don’t panic. That skeletal hand reaching out of its earthen grave to pull you down with it is only a poor attempt at metaphor for me to tell you that all of those games that made your childhood great are back and they’re Windows 7 compatible. Like that crappy metaphor these games may pull you into something, that something is more likely a fit of girlish excitement and nostalgia.

Good Old Games (GOG) is an emerging company that’s charging only a few bucks for a priceless reunion with some of your best memories in gaming. GOG has signed with several video game publishers (Activision, Adventure Soft, Atari, Codemasters, DotEmu, Epic Games, Rebellion, Running with Scissors, Inc, Strategy First, Ubisoft) in an agreement to publish their back catalog (currently at 325 games and growing) along with tools and modifications to allow for compatibility with newer operating systems.

GOG’s low price categories (Free, $5.99, $9.99) along with their firm stand to never use DRM combines to make one awesome buying experience for any gamer. If that wasn’t enough GOG also provides you with awesome freebies such as: In-depth guides and walkthroughs, Sountracks & Interviews, Wallpapers and hi-res artwork, and “making-of” videos.

In case after all my babbling you are still left with some questions check out GOG’s About page.




Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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