Minecraft Pocket Edition – Update in Near Future!

I am a HUGE fan of Minecraft. So when a version came out for iOS and Android Devices I was pretty stoked! I quickly downloaded it for my Droid X, which froze and crashed until it finally started to run smoothly only to find that the Pocket Edition was only a Creative Mode with no monsters, resources, and worse yet… NO TNT to blow up my creations. Well I got over it and started building little monuments to the Minecraft Gods praying for an update. Our prayers have been answered.

According to Mojang there is an update with a more survival like mode, some animals, and new blocks. They hope to have the update in the hands of Apple and Androids App Stores by February 8th to be approved. There will be no crafting just yet, but it is on the road map.

I know I impatiently await the release!


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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