The Survival Horror I Always Hoped For!

The Last of Us” developed by Naughty Dog, takes place in a post-apocalyptic Pittsburg, Pennsylvania that has been over run by the infected and reclaimed by nature and covered in lush forest environment, unlike most post-apocalyptic games where everything is covered in a brown haze. You venture through the city and surrounding areas as I can only assume as one of the two main characters Ellie (a 14-year-old girl) or Joel ( a survivor tasked with protecting Ellie), fending off the infected (not zombies?), other survivors, and according to a Game Informer exclusive remnants of a government exist, enforcing on a harsh Martial law crack down so you should probably watch out for them too. When I first caught wind of this game I chalked it up to a new Dead Island. You know that game where everyone went teary eyed over the slow motion trailer…. -____- I wasn’t amused. But with the added run around of You vs The World, not just you getting drunk on an Island slapping the shit out of zombies, I have high hopes for the game. Not set to release til late 2012 or early 2013 I impatiently await it’s arrival. Until then enjoy the trailer.



Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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