Why You Should Start Paying Attention To Apple

This is not something we are blind to. This is not something we were never told. We are in a world where the working conditions of another human being are increasing threatening to their health for the sake of a higher dollar sign. This is happening everywhere, there is not one company or one country at fault. We are all bystanders.

This is not an anti-Apple article, as much as I personally do not like their products they are easy to make an example of because more than any company Apple has the largest profit margin of all offenders.


So here are some facts:

  • Foxconn is the LARGEST manufacture of electronic components in the world.
  • Apple along with more than a dozen of computer manufactures (Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Tosiba to name a few)use Foxconn as a primary means of manufacturing.
  • The city of Shenzhen is home to one of Foxconn’s largest facilities.
  • This single facility has more than 430,000 employees.
  • Around 5% of those workers are ages 12-14.
  • Foxconn assembly lines knowingly use hexane, a neuro-toxin to clean each of your iPad, iPhone screens, because it dries faster…
  • Foxconn workers stay in dormitories. In a 12-by-12 cement cube of a room with 15 beds, stacked like drawers up to the ceiling.
  • Foxconn workers make about 70 cents an hour at 16 hour shifts.


With Apples sizable resources(100 billion dollar cash surplus) , you would think that they could somehow close the gap a little in their profit margins. Perhaps even allow for higher work standards in the facilities that make their products.

So WHY, is it that Apple, has not found this out about their own manufactures? How has Apple, a company so acclaimed for their attention to detail,  not seen these atrocities? The answer is simple. They don’t care, because WE don’t care.


Start caring:



Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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