Music Monday: Crescent Fresh!

“Back during the before time, in the long long ago”, we lived in a very dark era we liked to refer to as the “90’s”. Some of you kids may have read about this time in an old textbook, and how ancient it must seem to you:  A man named Bob Barker hosted the Price is Right. Very few people had cordless phones (you know them as cells) that you couldn’t text on, and those who didn’t own one were actually required to memorize phone numbers. And maybe strangest of all, MTV used to be a TV station where you could watch music videos.

I know, crazy right? It’s like we just evolved from cave men.   But hey, even back then we found ways to entertain ourselves. One way we did this was actually with one of the shows found on this primitive version of MTV. The show featured a pair of sock puppets who went by the name of Sifl and Olly. They hosted a fake talk show of sorts where they would cover songs, sing original tunes, hock fake products on their home shopping network (best part of the show), interview guests and all other kinds of random crap. The show lasted for two seasons, before it was cancelled. They released a 3rd season on DVD, but it’s somewhat faded into obscurity for 12 or so years.

But the fans of the show have a pretty rabid following. These fans will often bounce back and forth their favorite one liners, skits, and songs reliving the enjoyment of the show.  Now you are probably asking yourself: “That’s great old timer, but what the does this have to do with Music Monday?”  Well, on YouTube they have recently released a new short and song announcing their return to the show, now featured on the Machinima YouTube channel. One sit through of their promo immediately threw me back to when I watched the show and for a brief four minutes, this rage quitter was happy. In more than a 10 year hiatus, it’s like they haven’t missed a beat.

So for this edition of Music Monday, I thought it would be fun to go relive some of their original songs. All of them are pretty catchy, and it seems everyone had different favorites so it was harder to choose than I thought. So I decided to go with one of my favorites, one that was popular amongst my circle, and one that I felt everyone knew.

Performance Art

This one always made me laugh, because I thought performance artists were dumb. It’s just not something I understood. How does rhythmic dancing on sticks of butter make a strong political statement? Its not graceful, its not powerful, its not moving. You look like a dumbass. Human beings are stupid creatures….


Fake Blood

This one is great because some of the best moments in the show are when they do a spoof on Guns and Roses. They do another one called “Speed Reader” that I was really a fan of but when I asked people the consensus is that people really enjoyed Fake Blood more. It’s  so good.


United States of Whatever

This is probably the most notable of the songs to come out of that show. Featured in a sketch where Olly just didn’t care about the show anymore, this song has appeared in a commercial for a Tony Hawk Underground game, was performed live on the Late show with two members from No Doubt, and was in a behind the scenes featurette for Clerks 2. Word is it still finds some rotation on some radio stations.

So if you loved the show as I did or are interested to see more of the new episodes, then pop on over to the Machinima channel and subscribe.  You can find it at Good things do come to those who wait.

Welcome back Sifl and Olly.


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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