Amigos de los Muertos

I’ve been a big fan of AngryBlue for a while now. His beautiful lineart and stunning detail is hard to look away from even if the images are somewhat grotesque. Over the summer that #NERD has maintained radio silence we’ve all be busy exploring  growing and building so to kick off some new content I wanted to highlight this beauty here.

My infatuation with AngryBlue came about while this summer shopping for my new longboard. The moment I saw this deck I knew it had to be mine. This little honey here is the Land Yacht – Evo and boy is she a beautiful ride, but I digress.


About a month ago I noticed that AngryBlue had just released a collaborative art book with 3 other artists (Jeral TidwellRoberto Jaras Lira, and David Lozeau) and I was immediately awestruck. This gorgious little work of art is only $25 and well worth it. Ill let AngryBlue himself tell you a little bit more about the book.

Celebrate life (and death) with Amigos de los Muertos, a contemporary collection of Day of the Dead art. New takes on classic images including sugar skulls, dancing skeletons, dead musicians, the grim reaper, Evel Knievel skeletons, and more—all rendered in the crisp, detailed linework. The artists of Amigos de los Muertos are Jeral Tidwell,AngryblueRoberto Jaras Lira, and David Lozeau. These four artists draw from the Dia de los Muertos tradition of Posada, blending in their own styles, influenced by tattoo art, gig posters, kustom kulture and skateboarding. Amigos de los Muertos is beautifully designed and printed, with a faux leather debossed cover, gold foil stamping, purple ribbon, and gilded edges.

They were also kind enough to make a little video flip through


Amigos de los Muertos – Angryblue from justin kamerer on Vimeo.

You can pick one of these up here at the AngryBlue’s store


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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