One Giant Leap For Indie Game Kind

An inspiring new project in the L.A. area has by the Indie Dev in me screeching with childish delight.

LA Game Space will explore what video games can be through residencies, exhibitions, research labs, speaker series, and workshops.

Game design has always featured creativity and experimentation, from the earliest pioneers to the recent rise of independent creators.  And yet, we have barely begun to explore the potential of video games.

Let’s create a place for exploring that potential. A place for game innovation, education, and exhibition, where all of us can play and make and study and showcase games.  A place where we will rediscover what games have been, and re-imagine what games can be.  Join us in founding LA Game Space!


This is a big project to undertake and could honestly yield some very interesting data. As LA Game Space promises on their Kickstarter page there will be 4 core components, research will play a big role in the gamespaces existence but as well as the metrics may create an interesting look into how people are playing indie games I think that this experiment will also show Indie Game Developers as individuals and as groups the possibilities of forming a collaboration like this in our own respective cities and towns.

LA GameSpace is holding a Kickstarter to provide the essential services for this monumental undertaking but what would a Kickstarter be without swag, and if anyone knows how to promote with swag it’s L.A. Most interestingly is the promise of “30 Indie Games you’ve never heard of” for the tiny donation of $15. Which is really quite cool. I mean who doesn’t want 30 game for $15.


I’ll be following this Kickstarter very closely in its short one month run.  With only 5 days after it’s launch they have already made a sizable chunk ($16,190) in their costs they have a long way to their goal of $250,000


It’s worth mentioning also that one of the 30 games promised is a collaborations with Pendleton Ward creator of Adventure Time


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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