Valve’s Next Gen Source Engine Is On It’s Way

I guess I’ve always been one of those few gamers that was willing to be patient for Half-Life 2: Episode 3  Half Life 3. Willing to give Valve as much time as they need to continue on their Half Life story but it’s been hard not to lose faith over the years and this little article has reignited hope for not just the hopeful continuation of the Half Life series on their brand new source engine. Much to Valve’s credit the Source engine has stood the test of time with its incredible scalibility and power.


The original Source Engine runs everything from Half-Life 2 and Portal to Team Fortress 2 andLeft 4 Dead. It was designed to be incrementally upgraded, which is why it’s powered top-end games for so long. But the base code is getting old, so the existence of a brand new, next-gen version is definitely worth getting excited about. More as soon as we have it.

Source: GamesRadar


Just so you know that this isn’t some “malarkey” as VP JBides would say, here is a 52 minute long video of Gabe at Valve’s headquarters



Author: Phil Hoyt

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