#OpIsrael – Anonymous takes down Israeli security website (waiting for details)

So it’s around 11:20pm EST and I get a message with a link to what was supposedly an “Israeli security and surveillance website” (now I cannot confirm that this was indeed what this website once was maybe someone else has more details) that has since been hijacked by Anonymous as part of their #OpIsrael movement. The text reading “Stop bombing Gaza!! Millions of Israelis & Palestinians are lying awake, exposed & terrified. We Anonymous will not sit back and watch a cowardly Zionist State demolish innocent people’s lives.” (screenshot below)  (EDIT: I can confirm using an internet caching site and a translator that the falcon website that was attacked by Anonymous was a security contractor in Israel I cannot speculate on their involvement with the government or anything further then what is above)

#OpIsrael goes beyond just this website attack. The @Op_Israel twitter feed is packed full of helpful information for those both Israeli and Palestinian civilians that are being caught in the crossfire. These info packages or “care packages” include things like PDF guides for First Aid and CPR, and even how to reconnect their Internet written in both English and Arabic. Now @OpIsrael is looking for translators and in Arabic so if you can help them out head over to their twitter page.

Yet another example of the resourcefulness of those willing to help and get information to those human lives unfairly caught between these warring states. Our hearts at #nerd goes out to all of those in danger in these troubling times.  If anymore information regarding this matter comes my way I will be revising this post.


(EDIT) In a post from rt.com with a timeline concerning the events taking place in Gaza tonight Anonymous has also brought down the Israel Defense Force website

03:25 GMT: Internet hacktivist collective ‘Anonymous’ claims to have taken down the Israeli Defense Ministry website www.idf.il. In a message shared via one of the group’s Twitter accounts, they posted the site address with a popular hashtag used for similar actions, ‘tango down’.”

(Edit) More info – Israeli forces are launching an assault in Gaza and are currently trying to sever all internet communication to those in Gaza. There are several news and twitter feeds working to get information to the people in Gaza.

(Edit) Here is some remenint information left from those via twitter and irc channels: a collection of information and help manuals:

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