Steam’s Big Picture Leaves Beta

We are happy to see Big Picture reach its first steps of adulthood, in a time when almost nothing leaves the safety of calling itself a “beta”. Valve shows us again why it is the poster child for the gaming culture. Big picture if you don’t know

aims to carve Valve’s gaming platform a presence in your living room. When enabled, the feature optimizes Steam’s on-screen presentation for an HDTV rather than your typical PC monitor. In doing so, Valve is making a big play at both the casual gaming sector and console owners that may be growing bored with aging hardware from Microsoft and Sony. Now users can assemble so-called Steamboxes that dramatically outpace the current crop of consoles, with the experience they ultimately take away limited only by their budget. -source


With big sales this week to promote the controller friendly games that make “Big Picture” what it is, we will defiantly be sitting ourselves down in the living room this week to give it a through run about.

You can hear more about Steam’s Big Picture as well as lots of other goodies from Valve on our first ever podcast “Full Steam Ahead”!

BONUS ROUND: Gabe is hinting at look towards Linux for future development which is really kinda awesome!




Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

One thought on “Steam’s Big Picture Leaves Beta”

  1. Finally was able to get a thirdparty ps3 controller to work with big picture mode on a mac….kind of. Well bastion played well but everything else was a shit show.


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