Violent Video Games and You

In the recent violent events in our country the usual scapegoat is brought to light per usual. While I don’t want to get into to much details as these were very tragic events, I can not stand by a silently when activists and media groups slander an entire community of good people who play mature video games. This boils down to a case to case basis with some seriously disturbed individuals. I have said it on the blog before, but people need to start being better parents. With that said I leave you this Foamy The Squirrel video to sum it all up!


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

2 thoughts on “Violent Video Games and You”

  1. I completely agree! There is absolutely no point to point fingers…it baffles me as to why it becomes so difficult to accept responsibility for ones own actions. You’d think blaming others would get exhausting to do after the first few thousand times.


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