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It’s up to the Library of Congress to decide whether these kinds of copyrights are enforceable. Last year, wireless carriers spent quite a bit of time and money convincing officials at the Library of Congress to change the rules that govern exactly what consumers can do with the software on their cellphones.

Until January, if you owned a phone and your contract expired, you could legally unlock that phone, tweak its software and use it on a different cellphone network.

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That’s right ladies and gentleman. Even if you pay the retail price for your phone, it is no longer yours to hack. I think this will ultimately spawn a series of open source cell providers especially as the act of “unlocking” and customizing your phone becomes easier and the knowledge becomes more wide spread. I think a perfect candidate for this cultural shift is someone like republic wireless.

Unfortunately there is too much money to be made by protecting a hand-full of copyrights.  It’s sad that we have to create such barriers that end up shaping and limiting all of the potential progress to be made.

UPDATE: I actaully ran into this article just moments after writing this article.

The actions come one day after the White House endorsed cellphone unlocking and said it would support “narrow legislative fixes” to legalize the practice. The White House made its statement in response to an online petition that gathered more than 114,000 signatures.

These signatures are a response to the White Houses “We The People” online petitioning tool. Although the White House cannot  make the changes themselves the members of the senate are paying attention and this is no guarantee that any further action will be made but hey look at that. Something is moving on this. It does seem simply maddening that this piece of pro copyright legislation passed without so much of a wince but will likely take years to untangle because a lack of understanding and transparency to the people. This really brings about a whole bunch of questions in my mind about who is really benefiting from these hastily made decisions in support of the “victim” corporation. Nevermind the fact that YOU the consumer is loosing ground on what you legally purchase.


#HACKTHEPLANET -sorry I couldn’t resist


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