CAS Anti-Piracy AND YOUUU!!


For those of you unaware Febuary 25th 2013 marked the beginning of a new Anti-Piracy effort named CAS (Copywrite Alert System). Unlike it’s forefathers SOPA and PIPA; CAS is NOT a bill, or a law, or anything enforceable by the government. CAS is a series of agreed upon terms from YOUR ISP (Internet Service Providers) to institute a “six-strike system”, where a user is given “six-strikes” before your ISP takes some kind of ambiguous action against you. These punishments can range from throttling bandwidth to a series of strongly worded letters and/or emails urging you to “cut it out”. From the sources I’ve read, including the flagship for CAS, the Center for Copywrite Infringement (a conglomeration with their head so far up the RIAA and MPA its hard to tell whos who) the articles are ambiguous to whether or not the ISPs have agreed to cancel your service if you reach this arbitrary “six-strikes”.

To be completely fair, though as someone who has done their fair share of piracy, I can appreciate that this is a much gentler approach to curbing piracy; trying to inform people about free or cheap services to legally enjoy movies, T.V., and music. This does not excuse the fact that this seems like an underhanded approach to allow the CCI to gather information on those who infringe on their greed and hoarding of money. The fact is we are in a digital age; as the internet continues to grow and consume the wealth of human knowledge NO amount of legislation is going to stop human curiosity and the want to consume information at as little personal cost. Where I think a lot of anti-piracy advocates have feared to tread is that there ARE musicians and film groups thriving in this time of “rampant piracy”. We live in a time of unprecedented access to technology, which we use to better express ourselves. The only ones hurting in this dangerous internet wild west are the companies who refuse to adapt and learn this new technology. Yes, Artists are ABSOLUTELY entitled to their fair compensation; the ones who are not are the executives who have NO ACTUAL IMPACT on the creative process.

And isn’t that really who piracy is hurting?


So because this content is pretty boring I’m going to just make a list of facts for you along with some links.

CAS is NOT a piece of legislation

Throttling is the only thing that ISPs have agreed to do

There ISPs have agreed to at some point inact CAS (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable)

CAS is being organized by the Center for Copywrite Infringment

CAS is based on a system called Mark Monitor

There is no policy in place for handling multi-user buildings with shared service.

CAS will NOT effect wireless connectivity (cell-phones) from Verizon and AT&T Mobility



CAS official website


Yahoo News



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