#Quickie: Tomb Raider

I have never been a fan of Tomb Raider as a series as a whole. Bad conveyance, overly complicated, annoying protagonist, but most of all I just have never found them to be fun. However, since E3 last year the trailers for this Tomb Raider reboot have really captured my attention. Creepy horror like set pieces, stealthing around, kills with a bow and arrow? This sounds pretty awesome so far. So despite my personal pride, I decided to bite the bullet and dive into the newest rendition of this game to see if it can change my opinion.

Now I hate to use this comparison especially since Tomb Raider came out first, but it really feels like this version of the game was trying to borrow a lot of what made Uncharted successful. A much heavier focus on the cinematic (probably thanks to Square Enix), cover based 3rd person shooter combat, and insane blockbuster movie-esqe camera shots and action sequences. Some of them get so ridiculous that it borderlines on cartoony, but overall I think it works for this game. I usually complain that too many games are using cover mechanics in 3rd person format, but I find this to be one of the actual scenarios where it works.

Since the bow is your primary weapon (at least it was for me) stealth is key when dispatching enemies. Lara naturally crouches behind cover so it doesn’t feel like you are handcuffed to walls for firefights like in so many other games. More so than that, you can actually make a few kills if not all of them without being undetected which makes the game that much better for the stealth enthusiast like me.  The game while perhaps more linear than most Tomb Raider games are, does still offer a good range of exploration on each map so it never felt like I was just going from set piece to set piece like you do with most 3rd person shooters.

For a guy who for the most part has never been a fan of this series, Tomb Raider did a pretty good job of winning me over. Naturally I had some complaints but many of them were minor and it didn’t take away from the overall experience. I may not be the best judge to if it does the rest of the series justice but I can definitely say it was the worth the play.

Rage Quitter: You can find my full review over at Rage Quitter

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