#Quickie: God of War: Ascension

Do I even need to intro this game? Really? We’ve done this dance like 5 times already, its the same eff’n game. Alright fine fine… Kratos is mad about something and he’s gonna swing some blades on chains around and horribly murder things. Oh, and something about gods. We good? Ugh… fine.

God of War: Ascension takes place before the events of all the previous titles which is suppose marks the beginning of Kratos storyline (not enough to say before he already had his blades and was completely psychotic, but shush). He’s being tortured in the Furies prison for trying to break his blood oath to Ares and is fighting to escape and stop the visions that haunt him.  You know, like in all the other God of War games. This may be a new and original story, but I swear I’ve heard this all before.

The game is still fun. Unchanged really. Only really a few subtle differences. Kratos now has elemental choices instead of different weapons, which I liked. The rage meter needs to be full to use the heavy hitting combos regular players are familiar with, which forces you to be skillful and precise. Other than that though, the gameplay aspect isn’t exactly gonna throw you a curve ball.

But what IS different this time is the addition of a multiplayer mode. Usually I hate the addition of a online mode to a game that has never needed it before. But in this case, it’s the game’s major saving grace. It provides a new interesting way to play God of War, it seems incredibly well balanced, and probably the biggest selling point for me is that a Level 1 online player actually has a fighting chance of surviving against a higher level opponent if they are a good enough fighter. But if their not? No problem, there are chests to collect, traps to set, and checkpoints to grab to boost your score. Its fun to play, fast paced, and has quickly become my reason to play the game. For a guy who usually hates online play, this shocks and terrifies me.

The bottom line here is that God of War: Ascension doesn’t bring all that much new to the table. If you are new to the series or want to know more of the Kratos tale, its worth a play. If you are looking for a new type of multiplayer mode to try, Ascension delivers. Unless they plan on making some radical changes to this series, they really should consider making this the last God of War title while people still have fond feelings for it.

There’s as 87% chance you can find my full review at Rage Quitter.


Author: Phil Hoyt

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