Help fund our “Nerd Out” Web Series


What we are doing

“Nerd Out” is our first endeavor into the web series realm under the Hashtag Nerd Brand. The series will consist of six special-interest, micro-documentary episodes telling the story of individuals with nontraditional obsessions. Topics will include comic and toy collectors, LARPers, tabletop gamers and many others.

Help us with our vision

We have already begun filming, but we need your help to finish this series.

Hashtag Nerd and all of the projects surrounding it, including “Nerd Out,” are passion projects for our us. We dedicate our time and money to help make our visions possible, but sometimes those visions are bigger than our personal budgets allow. That is why we are asking you – our friends, family and fans – for help.

Filming a series like “Nerd Out” is one of the largest endeavors we’ve undertaken thus far, and with our DIY spirit – and your help – we feel confident that we can succeed. Any amount of funding we reserve will help us achieve our goals, with contributions going toward necessities like gear rental, filming permits, transportation of crew and talent, and other expenses. If we raise more than our goal of $500, the excess will be rolled into improving quality of the final outcome.

If we do not reach our goal, we will use any amount we do obtain to create the best experience we can offer.

We already have many talented friends giving their skills away for free on this project, such as Kyle Harlan and George Hoefer (Spaceman Fantastiques) with motion graphics and soundtrack creation.

How it will go down

Hashtag Nerd will film for three to four months throughout the summer of 2013, then take up to a month for editing. We aim to release the first episode on Youtube in the fall, with subsequent episodes released every week. These will be accompanied by as much relevant bonus content as we can provide.

Other ways you can help

We understand you can’t always give financially, but there are plenty of other ways to help out. Please spam the crap out of your friends! Post this campaign to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media accounts; if there is a way to Vine it or pin it, please do so!

Additionally, you can send episode ideas to

We hope to make season one of “Nerd Out” so successful that we can continue to produce a second season in 2014. Thank you for any contribution you can make!


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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