XBOX One Announced

nuff said



Author: Phil Hoyt

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One thought on “XBOX One Announced”

  1. I was pretty underwhelmed too when watching it. There is something cool in the grand scheme of things concerning the console wars tho. It’s shaping up that all 3 systems for once are going to offer dramatically different experiences when it comes to how we consume our entertainment.

    I see Sony putting games at the center of their strategy because of the fact they have made it so easy to develop for the PS4. I see Microsoft going much more broad with their entertainment since much of the new x-box reveal focused around multi-tasking between all of our content. Lastly I see Nintendo being more for the “casual” or even the retro gamer.

    I like the idea of having different options and landscapes to play with which can offer different experiences. As it is now most games between the X-Box and PS3 are released on both systems with the exception of flagship titles and don’t feel very different to me. Having products that stand out from each other is a good thing for the gaming industry and the more approaches that are taken, the more creativity is possible. Throw in all the amazing things Steam is doing and I think we have a lot of great things to look forward to in our gaming and media future.


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