Music Monday: Stuck In The Sound – Let’s Go

This video has just about shattered all expectations I have for animated music videos. Stuck In The Sound has a really catchy song here as well as an amazing animation/story by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin. Pop this song on repeat and just float into the void!



Stuck in the Sound is a French indie rock band formed in Paris in 2002.[1] The current band line up consists of José Reis Fontao (lead vocals and guitar), Emmanuel Barichasse (lead guitar), Arno Bordas (bass guitar) and François Ernie (drums and backing vocals).[1] The group are presently signed to Discograph Records and have to date released four studio albums; their début Stuck in the Sound was self-released in 2004, their first commercially released album Nevermind the Living Dead was released in 2006 and their most recent album, Pursuit, was released in early 2012.



Author: Phil Hoyt

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