Wizard World Ohio Comic Con : My First Con

tara_philOver the weekend, Wizard World’s Ohio Comic Con took place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. This is the first “nerdy” convention I have ever attended. For many reasons that I won’t get into full detail; I had never had the time nor the money to attend events like this. My girlfriend and I arrived to Wizard World’s Ohio Comic Con an hour after doors opened on Saturday September 28th. We hoped to get there earlier but had to drop our dogs off at day care which took longer than expected. We followed a father and his young son, whom was dressed as Wolverine, down the hallways from the parking garage into the convention center where we picked up our day passes and press credentials. I had little to no goals or expectations when coming to the event other than to absorb and learn the format, so I would be able to cover similar events more efficiently. That being said I was able to get a little bit of work done.

r2-d2We made our way through the vendors of apparel and collectibles, glanced at the artist booths, and thought we had plotted out the grounds pretty well to begin interviewing people. Now I am still getting the hang to this whole journalism thing. To be far I was just a nerdy web developer who built a blog forgetting the fact that you have to be able to write in these things to keep them going… BUT I am trying my best. So I swing by two booths that I noticed getting little foot traffic, but interesting content and shot some short interviews, which are now live on our youtube channel.
God Hates Astronauts
Little Guardians
We then come by the game room and were approached by two gentle men looking for worthy opponents, unfortunately we were the only ones available. We grabbed the game Quarriors and long story short my girlfriend who didn’t even want to play kicked our asses.

tardis_dressA day earlier I had tweeted at Crazy4ComicCon to stop by and say hi while we were at the Con, which lead to me being on a “Geek Girls vs Nerd Boys” panel with trivia and hot topic issues of gender equality in pop culture. So that was exciting. The last half hour of the convention was probably the best time to make purchases and talk with vendors. The floor was almost clear and staff a bit more relaxed. I was able to speak with several artists without feeling rushed and made some purchases from the vendors. We then made our way to our hotel which had fleas (luckily they gave us another room) and headed to the after party, met up with the two gentle men we met in the game room and their friends, and called it a night. Over all I would call it a successful con experience.


Author: Phil Hoyt

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