New RoboCop Trailer confirms fears…

That the remake is going to be FUCKING awesome and all the haters can go suck themselves!

[q via=”Samuel L Jackson”]Why is America so robophobic ?![/q]

People have their concerns for this movie, understandably as remakes have a rap of being terrible. Maybe it is because I have no emotional investment in the originals, but I think this movie is going to have a great mix of Action, cheese ball humor, and just enough plot to string me along, and I am okay with that! I need a good mech-suit movie!


Author: Phil Hoyt

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One thought on “New RoboCop Trailer confirms fears…”

  1. I have a major emotional investment in the original, but I still think these trailers look pretty good. I’ll be surprised if the comedy is as sharp, but the social commentary is obviously there.


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