Indie Game Designer Spotlight – Konjak

I don’t know if it’s the time spent with family for the holidays or the simply unappealing nature of having to unbury my car from the snow this time of year, the fact is that I spend a lot more time indoors during this time of year. I need to find things to distract myself from the long hours coding and longer hours perusing the internet. What better way to accomplish that then playing a couple of short independently developed platforming games?


Konjak is one such independent developer I want to shine a spotlight on.


In one of Konjaks many short titles the first one that I hit upon was Legend of Princess. A game meant to emulate all those warm fuzzy feelings of playing the Legend of Zelda with an intense dose of platforming madness. Konjak even went to the trouble of releasing the soundtrack used in this love note to Nintendo.





This game is yet to be completed but by no means is worth skipping over. If I could look at any one piece of work from Konjak I would without a doubt recommend “The Iconoclasts”. The music, environment, art, and wrench swinging game play make this incomplete game thirsting for more. I can only hope that one day this game will reach completion and perhaps with enough support from our readers Konjak may just finish this exemplarily game.





Don’t forget to check out more of Konjak’s games, art, music and more.




Super Meat Boy Passes the Millionth Sale!

Amazing Indie Game and part subject of the movie “Indie Film: The Movie” past the million sales mark according to the tweet below!


If you do not already own it click the link below and GET YOUR GAME ON!


This little gadget is a DIY Tech-Heads wet dream! They explain it as a way to

Connect your things to the Internet, without a nerd degree.

The team over at Supermechanical have Kickstarted close to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Which is incredible considering they only needed $35,000 to begin with. I hope they will be selling these after the Kickstarter storm settles because after my holiday shopping I don’t have the money to pre-order.

Watch the kickstarter video below and there is still some hours left if you want in on the action.

Play Minicraft from the Creator of Minecraft

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson makes an 2d version in a 48 hour dare. The Ludum Dare to be more specific which is a “make a game in 48 hours solo competition” and then rated by the participants. Notches submission named Minicraft is very addictive and with no saves you better be carful. It looks like there may be a sequel in the works as well according to this tweet.

Click Here to Play Minicraft


Minicraft has been renamed to Minitale. Gets all the features we have been asking for and more to come!

Keep looking at the following website for it’s release  or

Learn Javascript the Fun Way!

Whether you just need to brush up on the basics or a place to start learning a programming language you can learn JavaScript with Codecademy a great fun way to bone up on the programming language. With a simple step by step course structure earn achievements, badges and share your experience into the wonderful world of programming.

Personally I am a front-end coder who can read and implement JavaScript code very well, but actually sitting down and writing some code is not my strong suite. I hope to find some time in January to give myself a crash course and really commit to writing some snippets.