What your favorite Ninja Turtle says about YOU!

Everybody loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right? Weird garbage mutants, shell puns, pizza hedonism. It’s the best! 30 years after their inception, those four bad brothers have kicked and sliced their way into our hearts, but of course we’ve all got to have a favorite.

Here’s what your favorite hero in a half shell says about you!

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Insular: Building a disconnected society

Before this article begins, go ahead and look at your feed(s). Go ahead, look at it. This article will wait. Go ahead and scroll. No one will mind.

Now think how much actual news you saw. No, I’m not talking about your high score on Words With Friends, or how awesome your friend’s boyfriend is. How much is actual, relevant news? A small percent, if I’m guessing right.  The plain and simple point here is how removed from the world each of our individual worlds are.  If we assume that we are all online (I know we aren’t, just go with me), that’s 6.9 billion people communicating in 140 characters or less, or the same reblogged post that so-and-so shared.

Technologically, that’s a great idea. Everyone connected, sharing instantly. This sentence can be read across the globe at a megabyte per second (more if you’re lucky or rich enough).

It’s also terrible.

For every one news post consumed, we are consuming by ratio a much greater amount of trash. Of innocuous Farmville posts or pictures of food. Meanwhile, events are happening across the globe that are actually relevant beyond the concept of our own two mile span.

We need to change our viewpoint.

If we are indeed this globally connected, rather than indulging in the inane (as we so often do), we should be focusing on what is actually news.  We as a whole are doing not only ourselves a disservice by not being more aware of the events around us, but we are doing future generations a disservice by passing on the idea that this behavior is acceptable.

Recently, I questioned a friend of mine if he had seen any increased traffic. This is from this past week, where there was a major fire at a corporate building causing a redirection of traffic roughly three miles from where he lived.  He hadn’t even known about the fire, much less any traffic.  Yes, I am aware that there are mitigating circumstances that could prevent that, but when we aren’t even aware of what happens around us, we are setting up a cycle of eternally being unawares, and being readily convinced of ideas simply because they’re shared, liked, or re-whatevered.

From the concept of these shared ideas, what we see being overtly shared are memetic messages displaying the same polarized political views “Obama’s gonna take our guns,” or “Share this if you like baby’s. Don’t share if you want cancer.”   This white noise filling our minds is simply that. Static distracting us from what is actually going on.  Follow whatever you like, but the world exists beyond egocentricity. Not that there’s anything wrong with being narcissistic, considering that there are healthy amounts of it, but there is a world out there.

Plain and simple, it’s time we started being aware of it.

I’m talking about beyond the pet causes that cycle through your feeds. It shouldn’t take a natural disaster for us to be concerned about Haiti, or warlords to make us feel concerned any number of countries in Africa.  Frankly, we should be concerned because we share…whatever makes you comfortable. A genus, a species, the air, the water, the same overall space.  We all exist, we are sentient, and we all deserve respect. Golden rule and all that crap.

So what can we do to free ourselves from this rut of inane statuses, celebrity retweets, and things that are posted only for other’s interest? It’s simple. Be more aware. Realize that Newton’s laws of physics apply beyond motion.

So here’s my Rx to get you started on the wide world of actually giving two craps beyond yourself and your groups of friends.

1) Find something you like that deals with news locally. Start paying attention to it.  I started with having to listen to right wing pundits on talk radio on my way to work, and eventually shifted to NPR.  Did the same with websites, from gaming blogs to news blogs. Start slow, and go with what issues interest you.

2)Occasionally read your paper. It took me forever to, but now I look for local news. I want to know what’s happening in my community because it affects me. 

3) If you’re on the twitter/facebook/reddit/whatever, start following the subboards of your city, or the news outlets. Again, start small.

4) Expand.  Treat your mind like an empty well, ever deep and ever thirsty. Keep going until you’re reading news of countries you don’t know about. Never. Stop.



Apple needs to get laid.

Apple has had a problem with porn since the beginning of its decent into the mobile app world. The Apple App store being a curated experience to keep quality up, even though it is still filled with tons of crapps (see what I did there?), has taken a strong stance against pornographic material.

[q via=”Steve Jobs”]Want Porn? Buy an Android Phone[/q]

In recent, Apple has removed the 500px app, a popular photo sharing service much like a flickr, because it was “too easy” to find nudes. Then shit got real when new Twitter app “Vine” dropped becoming very popular very fast and also allowing hashtags such as #porn, #dildo, #sex, and many more fun topics to be searched for and a slew of results would flood in. I was lucky enough to experience the app before the crack down began, I noticed popular topics being pulled from the search results, users disappearing, and finally it became very difficult to find any X rated material. A sad day for the app world if you ask me.

I am a huge fan of services like Twitter and Tumblr because I can follow all sorts of crazy things, I dislike services like Facebook and even Instagram for censoring content, even going to extremes of not allowing members to send pornographic materials through their message system. Now I am not saying porn should be everywhere and we do need to protect the youth, But if I an adult who was able to create an App Store account (pretty sure you need a credit card to do that) I should be allowed to use apps that may contain adult content.

Short of it all, screw censorship. What are your thoughts?

Trolling explained by PBS


If you have been on the internet for longer than 5 minutes you have probably been bullied by someones standards. I have my own personal views on Cyber Bullying and yes it can get out of hand from time to time, but also some people should get some thicker skin. Not to get on my soapbox too much but quit blaming the internet for your inability to parent.

PBS Explains What Trolling Is.

One-Second Everyday App

[q via=”Cesar Kuriyama”]Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…[/q]

That is what Cesar Kuriyama, the creator of the popular “1 Second Everyday” video, has proposed in an app he has in development. The concept is simple, with the increase of cell phones that have HD capabilities it doesn’t take much to capture a few moments from everyday, then string them together in an editing program. The app would simplify it even further by allowing you to select which day to edit, then easily select a one second clip from video clips you shot that day. It seems like the app has already been created for the iPhone and just needs a push from the help of Kickstarter to get it out and would then begin development for an Android version.

Via: App To Let You Preserve Your Life with a One-Second Video of Each Day
Kickstarter: 1 Second Everyday App

Trends of 2013 – #calledit

Sparks and Honey produced a small snapshot of trends for 2013 among this 27 piece slide show the slide regarding gaming points out something kinda cool that Phil and I have been talking about lately and that is e-Sports. The idea of competitive gaming. This is really not a new idea especially to PC gamers but we have a few ideas on the subject and just how big it will be we may just reach into our crystal ball here soon and make a post about our wild and unfounded predictions.

Regardless, this is a pretty cool slideshow identifying some new and future trends so give it a look and let me know what you think!

#OpIsrael – Anonymous takes down Israeli security website (waiting for details)

So it’s around 11:20pm EST and I get a message with a link to what was supposedly an “Israeli security and surveillance website” (now I cannot confirm that this was indeed what this website once was maybe someone else has more details) that has since been hijacked by Anonymous as part of their #OpIsrael movement. The text reading “Stop bombing Gaza!! Millions of Israelis & Palestinians are lying awake, exposed & terrified. We Anonymous will not sit back and watch a cowardly Zionist State demolish innocent people’s lives.” (screenshot below)  (EDIT: I can confirm using an internet caching site and a translator that the falcon website that was attacked by Anonymous was a security contractor in Israel I cannot speculate on their involvement with the government or anything further then what is above)

#OpIsrael goes beyond just this website attack. The @Op_Israel twitter feed is packed full of helpful information for those both Israeli and Palestinian civilians that are being caught in the crossfire. These info packages or “care packages” include things like PDF guides for First Aid and CPR, and even how to reconnect their Internet written in both English and Arabic. Now @OpIsrael is looking for translators and in Arabic so if you can help them out head over to their twitter page.

Yet another example of the resourcefulness of those willing to help and get information to those human lives unfairly caught between these warring states. Our hearts at #nerd goes out to all of those in danger in these troubling times.  If anymore information regarding this matter comes my way I will be revising this post.


(EDIT) In a post from rt.com with a timeline concerning the events taking place in Gaza tonight Anonymous has also brought down the Israel Defense Force website

03:25 GMT: Internet hacktivist collective ‘Anonymous’ claims to have taken down the Israeli Defense Ministry website www.idf.il. In a message shared via one of the group’s Twitter accounts, they posted the site address with a popular hashtag used for similar actions, ‘tango down’.”

(Edit) More info – Israeli forces are launching an assault in Gaza and are currently trying to sever all internet communication to those in Gaza. There are several news and twitter feeds working to get information to the people in Gaza.

(Edit) Here is some remenint information left from those via twitter and irc channels: a collection of information and help manuals:

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First Aid:
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