iPhone 6 to announce on September 9th

There has been plenty of speculation about the launch of Apple’s next iPhone, and thankfully it looks like we’re only going to have to sift through the rumors and fakes for another week or so. Apple has sent their invites out for the launch of the iPhone 6, and September 9th is the big day.

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Apple splits their market.

Apple announced two new iPhones yesterday introducing the 5c and the 5s.

blue_iphone_5cThe 5c sports what they are calling “beautifully, unapologetically plastic” seemless back, which will come in 5 colors Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and White. The guts are very comparable to the 5 the only noticeable difference being a slightly larger battery, which I assume is to combat the previous iPhone’s poor battery life. This package comes to the public on September 20th at the very reasonable price of $99 for the 16gb model and $199 for the 32gb model on a 2 year plan of course.

iPhone5s_Gld_iOS7The 5s, designed to look much more like the current iPhone 5 and packs that innovative punch we grew to love from Apple in the past. With its brand new A7 processor, M7 motion coprocessor, a camera with larger mega pixels capable of shooting 720p at 120 frames per second, with a 2.2f-stop lens, a fingerprint identification sensor, and much more! The 5s is the biggest step Apple has made in an in-between model to date. Coming in only 3 colors a Space Gray, Gold, and Silver, the 16gb model will set you back  $199, 32gb at $299, and 64gb at $399. Of course all on a two-year contract.

Both phones will come with Apples new iOS 7 which I won’t get into. 

This is the first time in the history of the iPhone that the company has release two separate models to the public, and it leave me wondering what this means for the consumer. Effectively they have split their market into a “economic” and “luxury” class.

In the past the iPhone was never the “cheap” phone for consumers, it was just “the best” phone on the market. For years the cell phone market hasn’t had a competitor to really shine a light to Apples superior product so competitive pricing had never been an issue. Since the launch of the iPhone 4 the market has really matured and phones manufactures began touting better specs, larger screens, and (if I may speak my bias) fluff features. So how does a company like Apple combat these competitors without compromising their products? They rethink the way they go about selling phones. Cutting some costs without dumbing down the product, adding a more personable touch which the low to mid market want, and have the ability to tell consumers that now you can have the best at an affordable price. All while not insulting their hardcore user base by coming out with the superior 5s.

It should be very interesting to see how both model fair upon release. If you are thinking of upgrade from a current iPhone here is my advise. If you are rocking a 4s and it’s starting to get sluggish on you it makes sense to upgrade to the 5c or 5s. If you are rocking a 5 it is probably a safe bet to hang on to it until next year, unless you want to be on the bleeding edge of Apple tech with the 5s or if the 5c has some fancy color that tickles you the right way. But that is just silly.

Let me know what you think of Apples announcement.

Pocket App Review

Pocket, which was formerly known as “Read It Later”, is an app that allows you to save links you find across the internet and store them conveniently for you to view at your leisure. Pocket is great if you’re searching through Twitter on your phone and come across an interesting article, or at work and find a site you would like to dive into more when you get home, or simply just don’t have the time to read something right now, but would like to later. All of your links are stored and synced across Pocket which you can access through the app on your browser or ios and android devices. Pocket can even strip the content down to its bare essential for a more focused reading experience or display the full article in all its glory. With its clean design, third-party support, and outstanding performance Pocket is the best solution to save content for future viewing.

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CAS Anti-Piracy AND YOUUU!!


For those of you unaware Febuary 25th 2013 marked the beginning of a new Anti-Piracy effort named CAS (Copywrite Alert System). Unlike it’s forefathers SOPA and PIPA; CAS is NOT a bill, or a law, or anything enforceable by the government. CAS is a series of agreed upon terms from YOUR ISP (Internet Service Providers) to institute a “six-strike system”, where a user is given “six-strikes” before your ISP takes some kind of ambiguous action against you. These punishments can range from throttling bandwidth to a series of strongly worded letters and/or emails urging you to “cut it out”. From the sources I’ve read, including the flagship for CAS, the Center for Copywrite Infringement (a conglomeration with their head so far up the RIAA and MPA its hard to tell whos who) the articles are ambiguous to whether or not the ISPs have agreed to cancel your service if you reach this arbitrary “six-strikes”.

To be completely fair, though as someone who has done their fair share of piracy, I can appreciate that this is a much gentler approach to curbing piracy; trying to inform people about free or cheap services to legally enjoy movies, T.V., and music. This does not excuse the fact that this seems like an underhanded approach to allow the CCI to gather information on those who infringe on their greed and hoarding of money. The fact is we are in a digital age; as the internet continues to grow and consume the wealth of human knowledge NO amount of legislation is going to stop human curiosity and the want to consume information at as little personal cost. Where I think a lot of anti-piracy advocates have feared to tread is that there ARE musicians and film groups thriving in this time of “rampant piracy”. We live in a time of unprecedented access to technology, which we use to better express ourselves. The only ones hurting in this dangerous internet wild west are the companies who refuse to adapt and learn this new technology. Yes, Artists are ABSOLUTELY entitled to their fair compensation; the ones who are not are the executives who have NO ACTUAL IMPACT on the creative process.

And isn’t that really who piracy is hurting?


So because this content is pretty boring I’m going to just make a list of facts for you along with some links.

CAS is NOT a piece of legislation

Throttling is the only thing that ISPs have agreed to do

There ISPs have agreed to at some point inact CAS (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable)

CAS is being organized by the Center for Copywrite Infringment

CAS is based on a system called Mark Monitor

There is no policy in place for handling multi-user buildings with shared service.

CAS will NOT effect wireless connectivity (cell-phones) from Verizon and AT&T Mobility



CAS official website


Yahoo News


Phreakers Unite

Phreakers – wiki

It’s up to the Library of Congress to decide whether these kinds of copyrights are enforceable. Last year, wireless carriers spent quite a bit of time and money convincing officials at the Library of Congress to change the rules that govern exactly what consumers can do with the software on their cellphones.

Until January, if you owned a phone and your contract expired, you could legally unlock that phone, tweak its software and use it on a different cellphone network.

source: [x]


That’s right ladies and gentleman. Even if you pay the retail price for your phone, it is no longer yours to hack. I think this will ultimately spawn a series of open source cell providers especially as the act of “unlocking” and customizing your phone becomes easier and the knowledge becomes more wide spread. I think a perfect candidate for this cultural shift is someone like republic wireless.

Unfortunately there is too much money to be made by protecting a hand-full of copyrights.  It’s sad that we have to create such barriers that end up shaping and limiting all of the potential progress to be made.

UPDATE: I actaully ran into this article just moments after writing this article.

The actions come one day after the White House endorsed cellphone unlocking and said it would support “narrow legislative fixes” to legalize the practice. The White House made its statement in response to an online petition that gathered more than 114,000 signatures.

These signatures are a response to the White Houses “We The People” online petitioning tool. Although the White House cannot  make the changes themselves the members of the senate are paying attention and this is no guarantee that any further action will be made but hey look at that. Something is moving on this. It does seem simply maddening that this piece of pro copyright legislation passed without so much of a wince but will likely take years to untangle because a lack of understanding and transparency to the people. This really brings about a whole bunch of questions in my mind about who is really benefiting from these hastily made decisions in support of the “victim” corporation. Nevermind the fact that YOU the consumer is loosing ground on what you legally purchase.


#HACKTHEPLANET -sorry I couldn’t resist

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for sometime now but has become more popular over the past few years due to lowering costs and barrier to entry. 3D Printing words much like a regular printer expect it works on an X,Y, and Z axis and instead of ink it uses a fast hardening plastic filament to create 3D objects. Create everything from tools and parts to art and models. The major appeal is the amount of options a user has to get into 3D Printing. Machines can vary in quality level and price, the software can vary from simple to professional level, Giant corporates to open source Hacker Spaces are using them. I’ve even seen a 3D printing PEN out there! It’s gotten all so crazy. We here at Hashtag Nerd hope to get one soon, if you know of the CHEAPEST 3D printer that works please send us a link, a kit would fabulous.

Apple needs to get laid.

Apple has had a problem with porn since the beginning of its decent into the mobile app world. The Apple App store being a curated experience to keep quality up, even though it is still filled with tons of crapps (see what I did there?), has taken a strong stance against pornographic material.

[q via=”Steve Jobs”]Want Porn? Buy an Android Phone[/q]

In recent, Apple has removed the 500px app, a popular photo sharing service much like a flickr, because it was “too easy” to find nudes. Then shit got real when new Twitter app “Vine” dropped becoming very popular very fast and also allowing hashtags such as #porn, #dildo, #sex, and many more fun topics to be searched for and a slew of results would flood in. I was lucky enough to experience the app before the crack down began, I noticed popular topics being pulled from the search results, users disappearing, and finally it became very difficult to find any X rated material. A sad day for the app world if you ask me.

I am a huge fan of services like Twitter and Tumblr because I can follow all sorts of crazy things, I dislike services like Facebook and even Instagram for censoring content, even going to extremes of not allowing members to send pornographic materials through their message system. Now I am not saying porn should be everywhere and we do need to protect the youth, But if I an adult who was able to create an App Store account (pretty sure you need a credit card to do that) I should be allowed to use apps that may contain adult content.

Short of it all, screw censorship. What are your thoughts?