WHO AM I – No System Is Safe – 2014 Trailer


What your favorite Ninja Turtle says about YOU!

Everybody loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right? Weird garbage mutants, shell puns, pizza hedonism. It’s the best! 30 years after their inception, those four bad brothers have kicked and sliced their way into our hearts, but of course we’ve all got to have a favorite.

Here’s what your favorite hero in a half shell says about you!

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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013 Trailer as told by GIFs!

As I impatiently await for the Christmas Special I will bombard you with GIFs from the Teaser Trailer.

So we have the Dalaks!


The Cyber Men (or at least Man)


The Silence


The Weeping Angels


An of course The Doctor!!! On Trenzalore… oh shi-


Watch the full trailer here.