Playstation Credit Contest

In celebration of Journey’s release on the Playstation Network we are going to be giving away $20 worth of Playstation Network credit! It order to be up for the credits all you have to do is be following @hashtagnerd and tweet the below message.

Follow @hashtagnerd and retweet this for a chance to win Playstation Network Credits!!! I am a #nerd


After tweeting this message you will be in the running for the chance to win. This contest will run from March 13th to March 21st. Please only tweet this once, your username will be added to a list for the running only once. After March 21st we will then choose a participant at complete random using a random number generator and we will send a direct message them to get more info on where to send the prize.

Do I need a Twitter account?
Yes… Sorry they are super easy to set up and you might just meet some really cool people.

Can I get Xbox 360 Points?
Of course! If you would like 1600 Xbox Live Points instead that is completely fine!

So why would you keep following us after the contest is over?
Well I like to think you would still follow us because we are fun! But if that isn’t enough we will be doing these contests from time to time with different prizes and what better way to find out about them!

We are in no way affiliated with Sony or Microsoft.


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