PBS Micro-Documentary about indie game creation.


Indie Games are a great celebration of the audio, visual, interactive media and in the past few years it has grown into a world wide phenomenon. PBS’s Off Book has put together a great video highlighting all of the amazing things that Indie Games have to offer. Exploring everything from sounds to mechanics of their games, PBS focuses on how a lean development team can move more agile in these realms compared to the major game developers who aim for a larger demographic (I like to call them Casual Hardcore Gamers, you know the people with a hardcore gamertag and only own an Xbox plus every Call of Duty). Indie games have come a long way in the last few years getting major recognition through Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and simular platforms, as well as getting large amounts of crowd funding from services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Plus an award winning feature film Indie Game The Movie. Games have been craving more from the gaming experience and the indie game community has become hard to ignore.

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Music Monday: Lifeformed – Dustforce OST

So a couple nights ago last week, there I was… minding my own business and Steam (F-ing Steam) had a midweek madness sale for a fantastic new indie game called Dustforce. Dustforce is a fantastic new challenging platformer with fantastic art and animation but where it roped me in was the music from the trailer.

Lifeformed, the artist who’s first completed musical project being the Dustforce OST, is absolutely astonishing! You can visit his Soundcloud to listen to the tracks for free, OR you can be AWESOME and  pay the $4 to get your very own digital download copy of this beautiful, chiptune inspired work here at his Bandcamp. The soundtrack is also avialbe for purchase though Steam.

I really cannot express how much you need to listen to this soundtrack, as well as check out Dustforce, which you can expect an article on very soon!


Music Monday: 8-bit Beatles.

This is my first piece for #nerd and I was assigned Music Monday. Daunting task to me since I normally don’t delve into video game soundtracks or music and the like although I’ve always wanted to, so I saw this as an opportunity. I wanted to write about something that mirrored my experience as well. I was hoping there would be an 8-bit cover album of some of my favorite artists, maybe something like Daft Punk that lends itself well to the re-work to begin with (there is such an album). But when I stumbled upon this Beatles compilation of 8bit re-workings I was blown away. Exactly what I was looking for and hoping to share, a bridge for the traditional music minded into the growing scene of ChipTune(BlipCore). A lot of these re-workings ( a term I prefer to covers in this situation since they aren’t note to note interpretations) are extremely well done and an enjoyable and eye opening listen, but upon seeing my favorite Beatles tune, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and instantly was curious as to how it was done. It’s normally a very calm and chilling song and many of those kinds of songs by the Beatles were worked into ChipTune stompers for this compilation, but I was hoping that they left Strawberry Fields Forever untouched and let it keep that amazing atmosphere. I was pleased, the 8-Bit reworking kept that calming atmosphere and even added a tinge of urgency brought on by that futuristic voice. Enjoy and hopefully your favorite Beatles song is included and you can have as much fun exploring as I did.


Music Monday: _node

Growing up on the sounds of a crackling Gameboy speaker seems to change you in a way that manifests itself in 8-bit chiptune music. Chiptune being synthesized electronic music often produced and performed on vintage video game equipment or computers like Gameboys and Nintendo Entertainment Systems. I have been a huge fan of chiptune for many years now, but recently had the pleasure of seeing it live last summer. _node put on a really great show and is chiptune at its purest. They have their music available for download over at http://nodetransmission.com. I was able to purchase a NES cartridge they sell with d3ad_form4t on to get the real sound of a mono console.