Music Monday: Stuck In The Sound – Let’s Go

This video has just about shattered all expectations I have for animated music videos. Stuck In The Sound has a really catchy song here as well as an amazing animation/story by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin. Pop this song on repeat and just float into the void!



Stuck in the Sound is a French indie rock band formed in Paris in 2002.[1] The current band line up consists of José Reis Fontao (lead vocals and guitar), Emmanuel Barichasse (lead guitar), Arno Bordas (bass guitar) and François Ernie (drums and backing vocals).[1] The group are presently signed to Discograph Records and have to date released four studio albums; their début Stuck in the Sound was self-released in 2004, their first commercially released album Nevermind the Living Dead was released in 2006 and their most recent album, Pursuit, was released in early 2012.



Animated Sci Fi Short “EXODUS” Shows Off Trapcode Mir

If you have no idea what Trapcode is that is completely fine, the above short film is entertaining enough. But if you are an After Effect user like I am this short is extra special because this short was created with the help of Red Giant Software’s Trapode Mir plugin. The Trapcode team has commissioned Magnus Östergren of Potemkin to create the “Exodus” short using the Trapcode Suite with a focus on Mir.

For those who don’t know the Trapcode Suite is set of plugins for After Effects. Trapcode Mir specify creates a polygon mesh that can be manipulated in various ways to achieve different visuals.

That being said it is an enjoyable piece that stretches the capabilities of the software.

via Red Giant Software

The Star War Cartoon We Want!

With the fate of Star Wars future now in the hands of Disney I find it fitting to show this short amazing animated fan film with great pacing and a retro feel. Not that Clone Wars is a bad series,but this is just pure badassery. The original version posted by otaking77077 was apparently posted so members of the /m/ on 4chan could help critic as its a…

[q via=”otaking77077″]completely work in progress[/q]

otaking77077 has has taken his version down and youtube user JPL4185 has re-uploaded it after adding some equally amazing sound effects and music. I hope otaking77077 is still working on this animation and a longer version is released. It would be incredible if someone at LucasFilms/Disney gets a glimps of this, resists the urge to sue the living hell out of um, and gives them a job to create a series in a simular fashion ( I am dreaming I know). Enjoy!