The Nameless Shop: Custom Creepy Coolness.

You know what series of movies are awesome? The Evil Dead series. Remember the Necronomicon from that series? Wanna own one? Check this out.

Hashtag Nerd - the necronomicon

This evil little notebook comes to us from the horrible minds of the nameless shop. A pair of twisted minded, and extremely talented artists in the Cleveland area have started to produce some very impressive pieces of scary awesomeness. Originally known as the Munny Workshop, they have switched from making custom munny figures to custom pretty much anything you can think of. The name of the store as described by one of the co-founders told us “We call it the nameless shop because we don’t like to make the same kinds of things all the time. Our focus tends to shift with our interests, so by calling the shop nameless, we’re not committing ourselves to any one concept or theme.”

You might have actually seen some of their work out in the wild already. If you are a fan of Kraken Rum, the nameless shop’s custom made decorative Kraken bottles have made their way to the official Kraken Rum Facebook page, and its one of the store’s most popular items. Their products range from books, bottles, tins, masks, and most recently dolls. But I’ve seen these two work, If you have and idea, they can probably make it happen.

Hashtag Nerd - Kraken Bottles
The infamous Kraken Bottles


Hashtag Nerd - oujia choker
Ouija Board Choker.
Hashtag Nerd - icon's bottle
Horror Icon’s Bottle
Hashtag Nerd - Trinket box
Handbook for the Recently Deceased Trinket Box
Hashtag Nerd - growler
3D skull Growler

As I said before, these are all custom hand done pieces. So when they sell, that piece is gone! So pop on over to the nameless shop’s facebook page and see what they have to offer.  They make stuff year round so if you have an idea be sure to drop them a line.


Music Monday: Stuck In The Sound – Let’s Go

This video has just about shattered all expectations I have for animated music videos. Stuck In The Sound has a really catchy song here as well as an amazing animation/story by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin. Pop this song on repeat and just float into the void!



Stuck in the Sound is a French indie rock band formed in Paris in 2002.[1] The current band line up consists of José Reis Fontao (lead vocals and guitar), Emmanuel Barichasse (lead guitar), Arno Bordas (bass guitar) and François Ernie (drums and backing vocals).[1] The group are presently signed to Discograph Records and have to date released four studio albums; their début Stuck in the Sound was self-released in 2004, their first commercially released album Nevermind the Living Dead was released in 2006 and their most recent album, Pursuit, was released in early 2012.