Build your own Steambox

If you are too impatient to wait for Valve to release it’s own Steambox in the next half a decade or so then there isn’t much stopping you from getting a head start. Evan Rodgers over at The Verge has put together a great article on building one on the cheap! At a price point around $300 dollars it is very tempting to put one together.


It could be a great all around media center/gaming console not to mention a fully functional PC. I would assume when Steam does release their Steambox the software to run one will still be bundled into the desktop client. If you are interested in building your own Steambox just click the link below!

The Verge: Forget the PS4 and the Xbox 720, build your own Steambox on the cheap



Steam’s Big Picture Leaves Beta

We are happy to see Big Picture reach its first steps of adulthood, in a time when almost nothing leaves the safety of calling itself a “beta”. Valve shows us again why it is the poster child for the gaming culture. Big picture if you don’t know

aims to carve Valve’s gaming platform a presence in your living room. When enabled, the feature optimizes Steam’s on-screen presentation for an HDTV rather than your typical PC monitor. In doing so, Valve is making a big play at both the casual gaming sector and console owners that may be growing bored with aging hardware from Microsoft and Sony. Now users can assemble so-called Steamboxes that dramatically outpace the current crop of consoles, with the experience they ultimately take away limited only by their budget. -source


With big sales this week to promote the controller friendly games that make “Big Picture” what it is, we will defiantly be sitting ourselves down in the living room this week to give it a through run about.

You can hear more about Steam’s Big Picture as well as lots of other goodies from Valve on our first ever podcast “Full Steam Ahead”!

BONUS ROUND: Gabe is hinting at look towards Linux for future development which is really kinda awesome!



Podcast 001 – Full Steam Ahead

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Justin and Phil dive into the world of podcasting covering all things nerdy. This time around we focus on Steams updates and Valves expansions.

Black Mesa Source
Big Picture Mode
Valve Gaming Controller
Source Engine 2
Steam on iOS and Android

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Netflix and Hulu coming to Steam?

With Steam’s Big Picture Beta in full swing and Valve’s plans to infiltrate the living rooms of the masses it only makes sense that Apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix would be coming to Steam’s platform. They have already started to curate other non game related software such as their Source Film Maker and 3d Modeling software, so it is not far fetched to think a company as large as Valve would be in talks with streaming platforms to deliver content straight threw Steam. This is of course all speculation and not based on any hard facts. Just a strong gut feeling that I hope isn’t the Chipotle I ate earlier.

Next week we will be releasing a podcast covering a lot of these steam updates so keep an eye out!