Podcast 001 – Full Steam Ahead

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Justin and Phil dive into the world of podcasting covering all things nerdy. This time around we focus on Steams updates and Valves expansions.

Black Mesa Source
Big Picture Mode
Valve Gaming Controller
Source Engine 2
Steam on iOS and Android

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Black Mesa Source SOON!!! yes we are serious…

We can’t tell you where we heard it but we can say with confidence that the long awaited revamping of Black Mesa Source is on its way. We cannot yet tell you a definite day but our source has assured us that “Soon… very soon”.

Here are some screen shots to whet your apatite:

For information on what is publicly available about BMS you can head over to their website to check it out.  http://blackmesasource.com/

Don’t forget to check out the trailer:



Black Mesa has been released and it is amazing! Go download it here.







They are waiting for you Gordon…