Apple needs to get laid.

Apple has had a problem with porn since the beginning of its decent into the mobile app world. The Apple App store being a curated experience to keep quality up, even though it is still filled with tons of crapps (see what I did there?), has taken a strong stance against pornographic material.

[q via=”Steve Jobs”]Want Porn? Buy an Android Phone[/q]

In recent, Apple has removed the 500px app, a popular photo sharing service much like a flickr, because it was “too easy” to find nudes. Then shit got real when new Twitter app “Vine” dropped becoming very popular very fast and also allowing hashtags such as #porn, #dildo, #sex, and many more fun topics to be searched for and a slew of results would flood in. I was lucky enough to experience the app before the crack down began, I noticed popular topics being pulled from the search results, users disappearing, and finally it became very difficult to find any X rated material. A sad day for the app world if you ask me.

I am a huge fan of services like Twitter and Tumblr because I can follow all sorts of crazy things, I dislike services like Facebook and even Instagram for censoring content, even going to extremes of not allowing members to send pornographic materials through their message system. Now I am not saying porn should be everywhere and we do need to protect the youth, But if I an adult who was able to create an App Store account (pretty sure you need a credit card to do that) I should be allowed to use apps that may contain adult content.

Short of it all, screw censorship. What are your thoughts?


Cyber Activism At It’s Best

If you’ve been on the web sometime today you may have noticed that there are lots of black bars and DNS blocks floating around.

To protest the latest SOPA and PIPA bills, big name websites have drawn a line in the sand to let congress know that they are not gonna take it (no were not gonna take it).


Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs – Google


I find that typing “SOPA and PIPA” this often is rather annoying so from this point on I will be referring to it as SOPIPA. Which I realize loses the whole purposeful spelling thing… but just go with it…


Wikipedia has gone as far as to black out their whole site.


MSNBC has brought this event aware to the public as well as offered a how-to access Wikipedia in case you can’t live without it for just one day… I guess a lot of lazy high schools complained because they couldn’t base their whole essays on the Bay of Pigs Wikipedia article…


Google also provides a petition to help resist SOPIPA as well as some information on what this really means to you and I. – HERE

(were not gonna take it… anymore) ok I’m done…


One thing is for sure. A vote for SOPIPA is a vote for punching puppies…

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