Treehouse, Learn Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development

If you haven’t noticed I am really into online education. I like to think I am a student of “Just Google It University.” So when great resources like Codecademy and treehouse start popping up I can’t help but share them. Where Codecademy is a free way to learn javascript, ruby, and python, treehouse is a pay by the month way to learn overall Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development.  From what I gather there are follow along video instructions going over everything from the basics to the being of developing full projects in each field.

I personally have not taken the plunge into treehouse yet, but starting at $25 a month you can being to learn.


Learn to Code Javascript this Year!

I have mentioned Codecademy on the blog before being that it is a great interactive way to learn some programming, but what I didn’t mention is they have an interactive programming lessons that will be sent to you every week of the 2012 year! What better way to learn a programing langue then in digestible bites with 300,000+ other people. It is like having the worlds largest programming class! To sign up simply visit fill in your email address and click start learning.  The first weeks lesson has already hit my inbox, but it is not to late to sign up and join in. I know Justin and I will be taking the year long course and we hope you will join us too!