Community Season 5 – Trailer


Troy and Abed as Jaeger pilots!

Friend of Hashtag Nerd and a featured artist in our Pixels and Pigments show, Heather Huotari, has caught the eye of some big blogs out there, having her work spotlite on io9’s Observation Deck. She has done some great drawings of some of the Jaeger pilots as well has a mash up of Community’s Troy and Abed in pilot suits.

You can take a look at more of her work on her tumblr over at and buy some of her work at Pixels and Pigments on Sept. 28th!


Community – “Let’s Go – Abed & Annie” Print

I recently purchased the above print from Redbubble. It is a piece by user “znuese” depicting Annie and Abed from the show Community inside of the Dreamatorium, Abed lending a hand to Annie to bring her over to the dream side with a British Phone Box from their Doctor Who homage “Inspector Space Time.” I love this piece especially because it makes my imagination run wide with emotion. I am not affiliated with Redbubble or znuese at all but you should take a look at the other great art work on the site.

Community – Season 4

I’m a little late to this season, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to mention televisions most hilarious series! This season of Community is the first to not include the series creator and executive producer Dan Harmon, that mixed with a handful of network delays did not sit well with fans. But it seems as if the series has come back in full swing with all of our favorite characters. The first few episodes have felt a little soft in my opinion, but I have high hopes for the later episodes. What are your thoughts on the new season?