Cleveland Comic Con Cosplay 2013

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How to make Foam Armor

I have never been one to attend Comic Con, Anime Cons, or any Conventions of any sort. But the photos of some of the amazing Cosplay have always astounded me with their craftsmanship. When I was a growing I looked to see how to create similar costuming but was faced with the realization that most of these builds would required hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of materials and tools. Tools such as Vacuum Form Machines and materials like fiberglass. These are things I have no experience with or the money for.

So I was very excited when I started to see the trend of some costuming being made of these cheap interlocking foam mats. The kind you find in bundles at stores like a Harbor Freight or Home Depot. The idea behind it all is that with some cutting, heat forming, and a lot of creativity and patients you can create some very impressive props and costumes. This really makes a more level playing field for those with less experience and finance. A major issue I have been having is that the tutorials currently on the internet can vary in quality drastically. I have had to scour the internet to find a few quality photos and tutorials.

I currently don’t have to many uses for such things, but I hope to find a reason sometime soon so I can give this a go. I will be sure to document my experience when I do. In the mean time check out the tutorial done by IndyMogul.