Original Dungeons & Dragons RPG Box Set


On November 19th the original Dungeons and Dragons Box Set will be bestowed upon this world! The box set will be made of wood with engraved illustrations, come with seven booklets, and a set of dice. Get more information on the box here.


Zero Charisma – Trailer

I am having a hard time writing about this one. I want this to be a fun, hilarious movie and I don’t want jump to conclusions just from the trailer and it is generic enough for me to believe the movie could go one of two ways. It can ride the buzzword and stereotype filled road or the clever and thoughtful route. As I don’t believe Nerdist would endorse a shit show I’ll hope for the latter.

Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 – Let’s not F$ck this up guys!

Wizards of the coast has announced their launch into creating the next version of Dungeons and Dragons and astonishingly they are asking for their player base to help mold the rules of the upcoming edition.

I have mixed feelings about this concept. My first instinct is to applaud WotC for taking the time to listein but at the same time, I fear that taking advice from a player base that has so many differant types of players will only land WotC in trouble with their new edition.

The fact is that if a group playing Dungeons and Dragons dosnt like a certain rule, they simply change it. I had my beef with Edition 4 like most D&D players but I also know that there is some advice better left unasked for. How long before “The Book of Erotic Fantasy” becomes canon?

If nothing else I am genuinely excited that WotC might find some happy middle ground between Editions 3.5 and 4.0 or if they can manage to spark some original concepts. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them.

Rule of Three 

Legends & Lore