Community – Season 4

I’m a little late to this season, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to mention televisions most hilarious series! This season of Community is the first to not include the series creator and executive producer Dan Harmon, that mixed with a handful of network delays did not sit well with fans. But it seems as if the series has come back in full swing with all of our favorite characters. The first few episodes have felt a little soft in my opinion, but I have high hopes for the later episodes. What are your thoughts on the new season?


Netflix and Hulu coming to Steam?

With Steam’s Big Picture Beta in full swing and Valve’s plans to infiltrate the living rooms of the masses it only makes sense that Apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix would be coming to Steam’s platform. They have already started to curate other non game related software such as their Source Film Maker and 3d Modeling software, so it is not far fetched to think a company as large as Valve would be in talks with streaming platforms to deliver content straight threw Steam. This is of course all speculation and not based on any hard facts. Just a strong gut feeling that I hope isn’t the Chipotle I ate earlier.

Next week we will be releasing a podcast covering a lot of these steam updates so keep an eye out!