Plants vs Zombies 2 is Free-to-Play

The sequel to the very enjoyable Plants vs Zombies has hit the market and has gone Free-to-Play! You can download it from the app store right now and begin playing. If you would like to add more to the experience you can use your cash to purchase expansions, power ups, and other features. But from what I have been reading it is just as enjoyable without spending a dime. I am glad to have a new toilet game to play!



Pocket App Review

Pocket, which was formerly known as “Read It Later”, is an app that allows you to save links you find across the internet and store them conveniently for you to view at your leisure. Pocket is great if you’re searching through Twitter on your phone and come across an interesting article, or at work and find a site you would like to dive into more when you get home, or simply just don’t have the time to read something right now, but would like to later. All of your links are stored and synced across Pocket which you can access through the app on your browser or ios and android devices. Pocket can even strip the content down to its bare essential for a more focused reading experience or display the full article in all its glory. With its clean design, third-party support, and outstanding performance Pocket is the best solution to save content for future viewing.

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One-Second Everyday App

[q via=”Cesar Kuriyama”]Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…[/q]

That is what Cesar Kuriyama, the creator of the popular “1 Second Everyday” video, has proposed in an app he has in development. The concept is simple, with the increase of cell phones that have HD capabilities it doesn’t take much to capture a few moments from everyday, then string them together in an editing program. The app would simplify it even further by allowing you to select which day to edit, then easily select a one second clip from video clips you shot that day. It seems like the app has already been created for the iPhone and just needs a push from the help of Kickstarter to get it out and would then begin development for an Android version.

Via: App To Let You Preserve Your Life with a One-Second Video of Each Day
Kickstarter: 1 Second Everyday App

Podcast 001 – Full Steam Ahead

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Justin and Phil dive into the world of podcasting covering all things nerdy. This time around we focus on Steams updates and Valves expansions.

Black Mesa Source
Big Picture Mode
Valve Gaming Controller
Source Engine 2
Steam on iOS and Android

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OS X Mountain Lion, Why I am excited.

When Mac OS X Lion came out I didn’t jump on the Apple band wagon for a number of reasons. Mostly because I am using an older MacBook and a Hackintosh I didn’t want to deal with updating. But also the move towards a more iOS look and feel seemed to half-hearted. There are tons of features on iOS devices I wished to see come to OS X but with Lion it seemed as if we only got big shiny icons all lined up in a grid format. Yes, yes I know there were over 250 new features added such as FaceTime and AirDrop. But the iOS features add were not the ones I wanted. Then the hands of god Apple descended down on the world and gave us our first peek into what they have cooked up for OS X Mountain Lion (Apple has a thing for cats). A new Messenger to replace the dated iChat, Notes, Reminders, and Game Center, Notifications, Twitter and AirPlay Mirroring! My prayers were answered and just as I was gearing up to purchase a new iMacBook ProAirSomething. OS X Mountain Lion is set to release in late summer. Check our some photos below of some of the new features.

Steam now on Android and iOS Devices

Valve has released a beta of their Steam platform for Android and iOS Devices. Users will be able to connect and chat with their gaming friends, as well as browse the Steam store. I personally haven’t gotten into the Beta version, but I look forward to its full release. What I find more exciting is the possibility of Valve and Steam entering the mobile gaming platform. I find both the Android Market and iOS App store riddled with terrible paper flicking games and over all just un-organized sorting. Valve has been in the game distribution game for sometime now and would be a beaming light for Mobile Game Developers if they pursued that avenue. I guess time will tell!

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Treehouse, Learn Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development

If you haven’t noticed I am really into online education. I like to think I am a student of “Just Google It University.” So when great resources like Codecademy and treehouse start popping up I can’t help but share them. Where Codecademy is a free way to learn javascript, ruby, and python, treehouse is a pay by the month way to learn overall Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development.  From what I gather there are follow along video instructions going over everything from the basics to the being of developing full projects in each field.

I personally have not taken the plunge into treehouse yet, but starting at $25 a month you can being to learn.