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Bring Back the 80’s Vibe with the Berlin Boombox

BoomboxIf there was one musical device that defined the 80’s, it was the boombox. Introduced during the late 70’s, it was basically designed to be a portable music player. Each portable radio consisted of a cassette deck, radio tuner, AC or DC power cables, and a slot for batteries. With its low-end bass and drum sounds, it caught the eye of music lovers everywhere, especially the young urbanites. From the streets of New York to the sidewalks of Hollywood, it became ingrained in popular culture.

Almost two decades later, the boombox is making its way back into the mainstream and it’s lighter than ever. Weighing at only 850 grams, the Berlin Boombox is the brainchild of Alex Pfaeder, a Berlin-based illustrator and DJ. Combining his passion for design and music, he started a Kickstarter project which raised more than $20,000 in just 30 days. With its eye-catching black-and-white retro-inspired design, it will definitely turn heads as you pump up the volume with it.

Aside from its unique design, this smartphone stereo also comes with a Class D SMD 2×5 watts stereo amplifier and 2 MIVOC Pro 3-inch full range Hi-Fi speakers. It also has a 3.5-millimeter stereo or headphone plug, which is compatible with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4. According to O2’s page for the new Samsung Galaxy S4, it can connect to other phones and play the same song simultaneously, while connected to it. It also features a large aluminum knob which lets you adjust the box’s volume to your ears’ content.

backsideSustainability was Alex’s inspiration when he designed this music docking station. Previous incarnations of the boombox were made from metal or plastic casings, which made them heavier to carry around. With this in mind, he opted to use an alternative material: cardboard. Using a 3-millimeter thick, type-E corrugated cardboard; it became the perfect platform to support all of its hardware. To give it an 80’s feel, he gave it a minimalist approach—bold black lines and details over a white background. Don’t be fooled with its appearance; this cardboard device is sturdy enough to keep your music rocking as you roll down the street.

Now, before you could rock to RUN DMC and Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” or serenade your special someone with Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, the Berlin Boombox needs a little bit of assembly. You really don’t need special DIY (do-it-yourself) skills, tools, and even glue to put it all together; all you’ll need is a few minutes and a little bit of patience. The speakers, circuit board, and other electronic devices can be easily inserted into specially cut slots. After securing all the hardware, fold the tabs to assemble the product. Surprisingly, all the tabs lock into place, making it really sturdy piece. Place your mp3 player or smartphone into its device compartment, and play your favorite song to your heart’s content.

The Berlin Boombox is a testament to innovative design and intuitive sound engineering. Who would have thought that this cardboard music docking station would bring back so many memories? Although, you can’t bring it to the beach with you, it’s still a good conversation-starter piece. For $86 dollars, it’s a good buy and it’s obviously lighter than your average 80’s boombox.

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang

Tomorrow will be the premiere of the 2 Player Production documentary Minecraft: The Story of Mojang exclusively on the Xbox 360, and I know this shouldn’t bother me because the following day it will be available for purchase via download and dvd, but it is the fact that the loyal fan base of Minecraft is primarily on the PC and that it wouldn’t make viewable in some sort of Pay Per View fashion online. What really got me was the tweet posted below about the Xbox premiere.

Making a documentary about an internet phenomena and then exclusively releasing it on a different platform is like having the ability to invite the entire world to a huge party, but choosing not too.

That being said I am still very excited about this film and I look forward to purchasing it on December 23rd.

via 2 Player Productions


They have released the film on The Pirate Bay courtesy of the producers… That might be the coolest thing in the world. What better way to invited the entire world!

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One-Second Everyday App

[q via=”Cesar Kuriyama”]Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…[/q]

That is what Cesar Kuriyama, the creator of the popular “1 Second Everyday” video, has proposed in an app he has in development. The concept is simple, with the increase of cell phones that have HD capabilities it doesn’t take much to capture a few moments from everyday, then string them together in an editing program. The app would simplify it even further by allowing you to select which day to edit, then easily select a one second clip from video clips you shot that day. It seems like the app has already been created for the iPhone and just needs a push from the help of Kickstarter to get it out and would then begin development for an Android version.

Via: App To Let You Preserve Your Life with a One-Second Video of Each Day
Kickstarter: 1 Second Everyday App

Kickstart “Game Changers”

“Gamechanger” is a film, to be directed by Rob Imbs and shot by Benjamin Eckstein, about two friends who found fame and success in the world of professional video game competitions. But as the grow up and settle into a crappy IT job one struggles to keep grips on his fame while the other welcomes to forget it. If you would like to see a movie about the professional gaming world then head over to their Kickstarter.