Does Internet Explorer have a sense of humor?

Being a web developer Internet Explorer has been the butt of many jokes and maybe they have finally picked up on that and are embracing it. What better way to move on from their negative stigma than saying “Hey, we know we haven’t always been on the ball, But we are trying to move forward.” The Xbox browser jab though was a little ridiculous because Microsoft would SO invite Google to develop Chrome for the Xbox *sarcasm*. To be honest even a couple of good versions of Internet Explorer won’t make up for the hours of debugging I still have to do for versions 6-9 which my cliental still use.


The Next Xbox, A Powerhouse in Console Standards.

The next Xbox is rumored to be sporting a quad-core processor, 8gb of Ram, and a blu-ray player. Also it sounds like they are taking a page out of Apple’s book and will be ditching the adding of additional numbers to its title and will be dubbed “Xbox.” Which is much cleaner than the Xbox 720. I recently got rid of my Xbox 360, but this next iteration is looking promising and in conjunction with Xbox Smart Glass its looks like its going to be an all around entertainment system. Now lets just bring a Youtube app and clean up that store front and then we will be talking!

Via: Report: The Next Xbox Will Have a Quad-Core Processor, 8GB Ram, Blu-Ray, Kinect 2.0 and More.

Black Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is great. We here at hashtagnerd are big big fans but we understand that there is an inherent dependency in our lives and our passions that run on energy. We are also huge supporters of the green energy movements here in Ohio, most notably G.E.O. – Green Energy Ohio who are providing education and facilitating meetings with interested parties and the experts needed to move ourselves to a greener world.

I believe it is important that if we are as a society going to continue bettering our lives with technology that we grant our planet those same benefits. Luckily there are other people who are in the same mindset.

At the urgence of more then 80,000 supporters world wide in the “Ask Facebook to unfriend coal” campaign Facebook has began moving to alternative energy sources.

Greenpeace has launched a campaign asking that three of the largest data warehouses (Microsoft, Apple and Amazon) begin to move to a greener solution for their energy needs and being removing their dependency on coal power.


Giant data centres which store and send the terabytes of pictures, emails, songs and streaming videos we enjoy every day are now one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity demand in the world. Every day, tons of asthma-inducing, climate destroying coal pollution is thrown in the air to keep the Internet humming.


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