Minecraft: The Story of Mojang

Tomorrow will be the premiere of the 2 Player Production documentary Minecraft: The Story of Mojang exclusively on the Xbox 360, and I know this shouldn’t bother me because the following day it will be available for purchase via download and dvd, but it is the fact that the loyal fan base of Minecraft is primarily on the PC and that it wouldn’t make viewable in some sort of Pay Per View fashion online. What really got me was the tweet posted below about the Xbox premiere.

Making a documentary about an internet phenomena and then exclusively releasing it on a different platform is like having the ability to invite the entire world to a huge party, but choosing not too.

That being said I am still very excited about this film and I look forward to purchasing it on December 23rd.

via 2 Player Productions


They have released the film on The Pirate Bay courtesy of the producers… That might be the coolest thing in the world. What better way to invited the entire world!

via The Verge
Download It Here


Music Monday: C418 – Minecraft OST

So after searching my apartment for 30 minutes looking for my keys to find them hidden under my dogs bed I was in need of some relaxing tunes to put my mind at ease. Luckily I had the Minecraft soundtrack by C418 which has a collection of gentle sweeping songs that seem to creep up on you is perfect for loosing yourself in time. I recommend this soundtrack to anyone even if you’re not a Minecraft fan. You can pick it up at C418s Bandcamp page for as low as $3.99! Be sure to look at his over albums.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – Update in Near Future!

I am a HUGE fan of Minecraft. So when a version came out for iOS and Android Devices I was pretty stoked! I quickly downloaded it for my Droid X, which froze and crashed until it finally started to run smoothly only to find that the Pocket Edition was only a Creative Mode with no monsters, resources, and worse yet… NO TNT to blow up my creations. Well I got over it and started building little monuments to the Minecraft Gods praying for an update. Our prayers have been answered.

According to Mojang there is an update with a more survival like mode, some animals, and new blocks. They hope to have the update in the hands of Apple and Androids App Stores by February 8th to be approved. There will be no crafting just yet, but it is on the road map.

I know I impatiently await the release!

Play Minicraft from the Creator of Minecraft

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson makes an 2d version in a 48 hour dare. The Ludum Dare to be more specific which is a “make a game in 48 hours solo competition” and then rated by the participants. Notches submission named Minicraft is very addictive and with no saves you better be carful. It looks like there may be a sequel in the works as well according to this tweet.

Click Here to Play Minicraft


Minicraft has been renamed to Minitale. Gets all the features we have been asking for and more to come!

Keep looking at the following website for it’s release http://minitale.com/  or http://minitale.net/