Instagram on Android

It has now been a little over a week since the popular iPhone app Instagram hit the Android Market (or Play Store I hate that name) and it was greeted with mixed reactions. iPhone users cried and whined as if their secret club had been broken into, while other (resourceful?) Android users turned their nose up claiming other apps do just as much as Instagram if not more. While this all might be true my Android camera app has definitely switched to Instagram. It is far faster and reliable than the built in camera app that came with my Droid X, but most important the people I care about use the app. I can now share and enjoy snapshots of my friends, family, and followers lives everywhere I go. That is what matters most to me. So you iPhone users can cry because we busted your club house doors down and ripped up your comic books, and you Android users can be pompous ass-hats and claim the Instagram killer lives amongst us, because I am sticking with Instagram!