Music Monday: Crescent Fresh!

“Back during the before time, in the long long ago”, we lived in a very dark era we liked to refer to as the “90’s”. Some of you kids may have read about this time in an old textbook, and how ancient it must seem to you:  A man named Bob Barker hosted the Price is Right. Very few people had cordless phones (you know them as cells) that you couldn’t text on, and those who didn’t own one were actually required to memorize phone numbers. And maybe strangest of all, MTV used to be a TV station where you could watch music videos.

I know, crazy right? It’s like we just evolved from cave men.   But hey, even back then we found ways to entertain ourselves. One way we did this was actually with one of the shows found on this primitive version of MTV. The show featured a pair of sock puppets who went by the name of Sifl and Olly. They hosted a fake talk show of sorts where they would cover songs, sing original tunes, hock fake products on their home shopping network (best part of the show), interview guests and all other kinds of random crap. The show lasted for two seasons, before it was cancelled. They released a 3rd season on DVD, but it’s somewhat faded into obscurity for 12 or so years.

But the fans of the show have a pretty rabid following. These fans will often bounce back and forth their favorite one liners, skits, and songs reliving the enjoyment of the show.  Now you are probably asking yourself: “That’s great old timer, but what the does this have to do with Music Monday?”  Well, on YouTube they have recently released a new short and song announcing their return to the show, now featured on the Machinima YouTube channel. One sit through of their promo immediately threw me back to when I watched the show and for a brief four minutes, this rage quitter was happy. In more than a 10 year hiatus, it’s like they haven’t missed a beat.

So for this edition of Music Monday, I thought it would be fun to go relive some of their original songs. All of them are pretty catchy, and it seems everyone had different favorites so it was harder to choose than I thought. So I decided to go with one of my favorites, one that was popular amongst my circle, and one that I felt everyone knew.

Performance Art

This one always made me laugh, because I thought performance artists were dumb. It’s just not something I understood. How does rhythmic dancing on sticks of butter make a strong political statement? Its not graceful, its not powerful, its not moving. You look like a dumbass. Human beings are stupid creatures….


Fake Blood

This one is great because some of the best moments in the show are when they do a spoof on Guns and Roses. They do another one called “Speed Reader” that I was really a fan of but when I asked people the consensus is that people really enjoyed Fake Blood more. It’s  so good.


United States of Whatever

This is probably the most notable of the songs to come out of that show. Featured in a sketch where Olly just didn’t care about the show anymore, this song has appeared in a commercial for a Tony Hawk Underground game, was performed live on the Late show with two members from No Doubt, and was in a behind the scenes featurette for Clerks 2. Word is it still finds some rotation on some radio stations.

So if you loved the show as I did or are interested to see more of the new episodes, then pop on over to the Machinima channel and subscribe.  You can find it at Good things do come to those who wait.

Welcome back Sifl and Olly.


Blue Bomber Special: Megaman Music Monday

For this week’s music Monday, we are going to venture back to PAX-East 2012. As I eluded to in my previous post, 8 tips for first timers post, there are a number of musical acts who were present and performed for the PAX crowd during the course of the weekend. Of the various eight musical acts that I saw over the course of that weekend, I’d thought it would be fun to focus on some of the standout bands who pay tribute to our favorite blue mechanical assassin, Megaman.



I caught this Buffalo, NY based band in the PAX Jamspace at the same time the Saturday night  main stage’s acts took place. After about one song I couldn’t figure out why these guys weren’t on the main stage billing. These guys have a very progressive/power metal/hard rock sound about them. Their set consisted of various video game music and theme songs to movies, shows, and wrestlers. But more so than having a fantastic sound, they have very entertaining banter between their songs as well. They just come off as a group of guys who just have fun up there on stage. These guys have a slew of Mega Man cover songs such as Boomer Kuwanger’s stage from Mega Man X, Crash Man’s stage  and Dr. Wily’s castle from Mega Man 2. They tend to tour around the convention scene so be sure to check gaming and anime conventions in your area.

The Protomen

I had never heard of the Protomen before PAX east.  Didn’t even know they were headlining the Friday night acts on the main stage. But Hole – Lee – Shit, I apparently was missing out on something because people really stormed the stage waiting for them to begin. After a brief introductory speech from K.I.L.R.O.Y (center) and even shorter thrashing of a heckler (which was fuckin hilarious), the Protomen took to the stage and began.   I definitely felt left out because almost all of the crowd knew the words and were singing along the whole time.  Their music is definitely has strong rock n’ roll vibe to them. Some of their songs almost have a Johnny Cash feel, which would make sense considering their Nashville origins.  The first thing that I noticed is that they don’t actually play music from Mega Man, which actually kind of turned me off somewhat. Just seemed a little too progressive rock for my taste.  They started to grow on me more after PAX when I listened to the albums in the car more intently and could actually hear the words.  If you listen to the lyrics of their albums, it actually tells their own version of the Mega Man origins tale from the creation of the robots, Wily’s rise to power, the fall of Protoman, and the eventual rise of Mega Man. If you read the lyrics on various websites as well as the official Protomen forum, they contain a good deal of liner notes that fill in a lot of the details of the story. They are a very interesting act with a very noir bent on the story and worth a listen if you are a die hard Mega Man fan.



If you will allow me a moment to gush: if these guys rocked any harder, I’d have to change my underwear after each song. These guys are full blown Speed Metal at is finest. Three albums of video game music and cartoon themes, these guys have been touring the country for various metal acts like Dragonforce, Hammerfall, and Symphony X. They have a very high energy stage show about them which is fitting considering the high energy and intensity of the music they play. But all in all their show, despite being a very mosh pit likely ordeal, has an overall fun loving and light hearted tone about them. They know how to play to a crowd and they have fun with it, throwing inflatable swords or Starburst candies into the pit.  PowerGlove is currently working on a new album and is in the midst of a small mid-western tour with the aforementioned Protomen. They also have had a few songs paying tribute to Mega Man as well such as Mega Man X3’s “Blasting the Hornet” or their own rendition of Dr. Wily’s theme from Mega Man 2, but probably the fan favorite and maybe the song that has become kind of an anthem for the band is from Mega Man X in the form of Storm Eagle. They have played it at every show I have been to and the crowd starts chanting “Fuck that Bird!” well before they even start the song. They can’t even get their shtick out to set up the crowd chanting it.  These guys are high energy and great time, every track they lay down is gold and you owe it to yourself to see them live. They are friggen awesome and quickly becoming one of my most favorite bands ever.

Music Monday: Bastion OST

Taking a step away from the 8-bit stuff for a week we look at the soundtrack for popular game Bastion by Super Giant Games. I finally got around to purchasing Bastion for Xbox 360 and have been hooked! It is really amazing what these smaller game companies can produce. The art is just crazy amazing and everything fits perfectly inside of this world in look, feel, and mood. The soundtrack is very strings heavy and has a southern blues feel. You can listen to the soundtrack in its entirety over at their Bandcamp page or purchase it for $10.

Music Monday: C418 – Minecraft OST

So after searching my apartment for 30 minutes looking for my keys to find them hidden under my dogs bed I was in need of some relaxing tunes to put my mind at ease. Luckily I had the Minecraft soundtrack by C418 which has a collection of gentle sweeping songs that seem to creep up on you is perfect for loosing yourself in time. I recommend this soundtrack to anyone even if you’re not a Minecraft fan. You can pick it up at C418s Bandcamp page for as low as $3.99! Be sure to look at his over albums.

Music Monday: _node

Growing up on the sounds of a crackling Gameboy speaker seems to change you in a way that manifests itself in 8-bit chiptune music. Chiptune being synthesized electronic music often produced and performed on vintage video game equipment or computers like Gameboys and Nintendo Entertainment Systems. I have been a huge fan of chiptune for many years now, but recently had the pleasure of seeing it live last summer. _node put on a really great show and is chiptune at its purest. They have their music available for download over at I was able to purchase a NES cartridge they sell with d3ad_form4t on to get the real sound of a mono console.

Music Monday!!! Super Meat Boy Soundtrack on Bandcamp

Our first of what I hope to be many weekly series of MUSIC MONDAY. This Monday we start our week out right with the Super Meat Boy soundtrack! You can get the soundtrack in many different flavors so I recommend heading over to Danny Baranowsky‘s Bandcamp page and purchasing the ones that fit your fancy!