I had the pleasure of being able to watch PressPausePlay in theaters during the Cleveland International Film Festival. PressPausePlay is a film documenting the worlds transformation into a Digital Era. I am not quite sure the correct way to write about this film to get others as excited about it as I was, so I am going to leave a lot of the the talking up to the film. The film is about Art, Music, Film, Business and so much more, but also how these things have all changed because of digital. Some say for the better and others say for the worst.

[q via=”Seth Godin”]When everyone has access to the same tools then having a tool isn’t much of an advantage.[/q]

The world has changed so much in the past decade. An album can and have been created in bedrooms, films can be shot on what some would call pro-consumer equipment and end up on the big screen. We are no longer bound by the limitations of technology and money. We live in a time where creativity can be king. But with great power, comes great responsibility.

[q via=”Moby”]It’s Software, So now any kid can use a cracked version, or buy a version of Reason or Logic or Ableton and in about 5 minutes do what took 6 months or years, 20 years ago.[/q]

The consumer can become the producer, the director, the musician, the artist. But in a world where everyone believes they are a unique snowflake comes a blizzard of mediocrity. The good, the bad, they all end up in the same place and the cream of the crop doesn’t seem to rise to the top as easy as it once did (Even turds float). Your short film might be competing with a cat dancing, or your album against Rebecca Blacks’ Friday.

But the fact is that nothing is going backwards. There is no time like the present. You are either in or out, A zero or a one, alive or dead. This is the best shot you’ve ever got.

PressPausePlay on Netflix
Download from their site


Breaking Bad POV Compilation & Bonus Video

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the best television series of all time. With Season 5 paused half way through and to be picked up in the Summer of 2013 I am in need of a little boost to keep me excited for the series return. Below is a compilation of the iconic Point of View shoots through out the series.

Bonus video a Taylor Swift/Breaking Bad Parody that I personally can not get enough of! Warning a few spoilers if you haven’t got through the entire series.


New Boxee Box, from the perspective of a previous Boxee owner.

Boxee Inc., The creator of what was once a free piece of software built on the back bone of XBMC designed to stream and view content on larger viewing platforms, has released an updated version of their D-Link Product the Boxee Box. Far from Boxee’s original roots, which originally had a diy nerd following who wished to hook their computers to their television and have a more enjoyable viewing experience, has shifted to a for-profit business plan teaming up with companies such as D-Link, Lomega, and Viewsonic to create devices and televisions with the Boxee Software on it.


The New Boxee Box strays from the original (released in 2010) design for a more traditional black box look, The controller has ditched the backside keyboard (which was useless in low light anyway) for a matte black finish and a proprietary Netflix and Vudu button (which was featured in later models of the original). Now with a built in TV tuner Boxee boasts that some customers will be able to receive channels such as ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, and Univision along with a DVR feature (at a monthly fee). Of course like its competition it sports many Apps like Vudu, Netflix, Youtube, Pandora and many more, but still seems to be lacking some key players such as Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime (both seemed to have been rumored for several years now).

I was unfortunate enough to be an early adopter of the first Boxee Box which was riddled with issues such as loss of internet connection, freezing, and all around slowness. Not to mention if the damn remote battery died you had to go find a watch battery to replace it with. Although the new Boxee Box does look like a major improvement and the $99 dollar price point is very enticing, I don’t believe I will be purchasing a Boxee Box anytime soon. I have since ditched the Boxee for a Roku, which I then ditch for a Playstation 3 (damn Roku had many of the same issues) and it seems to be holding up quite well. But if you are interested you can pick up a Boxee Box at your Local Wal-Mart (also known as hell) or online. If you own one please let us know how it performs!


Netflix and Hulu coming to Steam?

With Steam’s Big Picture Beta in full swing and Valve’s plans to infiltrate the living rooms of the masses it only makes sense that Apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix would be coming to Steam’s platform. They have already started to curate other non game related software such as their Source Film Maker and 3d Modeling software, so it is not far fetched to think a company as large as Valve would be in talks with streaming platforms to deliver content straight threw Steam. This is of course all speculation and not based on any hard facts. Just a strong gut feeling that I hope isn’t the Chipotle I ate earlier.

Next week we will be releasing a podcast covering a lot of these steam updates so keep an eye out!