Music Monday: Lifeformed – Dustforce OST

So a couple nights ago last week, there I was… minding my own business and Steam (F-ing Steam) had a midweek madness sale for a fantastic new indie game called Dustforce. Dustforce is a fantastic new challenging platformer with fantastic art and animation but where it roped me in was the music from the trailer.

Lifeformed, the artist who’s first completed musical project being the Dustforce OST, is absolutely astonishing! You can visit his Soundcloud to listen to the tracks for free, OR you can be AWESOME and  pay the $4 to get your very own digital download copy of this beautiful, chiptune inspired work here at his Bandcamp. The soundtrack is also avialbe for purchase though Steam.

I really cannot express how much you need to listen to this soundtrack, as well as check out Dustforce, which you can expect an article on very soon!



Music Monday: Journey OST

Hey everyone,

If you were as blown away by Journey as we were I bet you’re wondering how you can get your hands on that sweet sweet sound track… well the obvious answer would be to GO BUY IT but if you’re broke like us then take a look at this soundcloud. Posted by the team who made Journey. You can’t download it but hell if listing to it on your internet enabled phone or MP3 player isn’t just like having it downloaded.

In case you missed them:




Music Monday: Bastion OST

Taking a step away from the 8-bit stuff for a week we look at the soundtrack for popular game Bastion by Super Giant Games. I finally got around to purchasing Bastion for Xbox 360 and have been hooked! It is really amazing what these smaller game companies can produce. The art is just crazy amazing and everything fits perfectly inside of this world in look, feel, and mood. The soundtrack is very strings heavy and has a southern blues feel. You can listen to the soundtrack in its entirety over at their Bandcamp page or purchase it for $10.

Music Monday: C418 – Minecraft OST

So after searching my apartment for 30 minutes looking for my keys to find them hidden under my dogs bed I was in need of some relaxing tunes to put my mind at ease. Luckily I had the Minecraft soundtrack by C418 which has a collection of gentle sweeping songs that seem to creep up on you is perfect for loosing yourself in time. I recommend this soundtrack to anyone even if you’re not a Minecraft fan. You can pick it up at C418s Bandcamp page for as low as $3.99! Be sure to look at his over albums.