Cleveland Comic Con Cosplay 2013

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Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Review

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Funko Pop collection please use the links below as it help keep Hashtag Nerd running.

Tusken Raider

Jon Snow


J.J. and Star Wars sitting in a tree.

So it is no news that J.J. Abrams is lined up to direct the next Star Wars movie and I ain’t even mad about it. Yeah, there are many of directors who could have done some very interesting storys with the Star Wars Universe, but I can not think of any other directors with the track record Abrams has who could give new light to the expansive universe. What do you think of the J.J. Abrams choice? From what I have read it was hard to find someone, it is kinda career suicide, no matter how good the movie is you are going to have die hard fans of the originals to battle. What other directors would you have put on the short list? I brain went went straight to Moon director Duncan Jones and Looper director Rian Johnson. Who are your picks?

The Star War Cartoon We Want!

With the fate of Star Wars future now in the hands of Disney I find it fitting to show this short amazing animated fan film with great pacing and a retro feel. Not that Clone Wars is a bad series,but this is just pure badassery. The original version posted by otaking77077 was apparently posted so members of the /m/ on 4chan could help critic as its a…

[q via=”otaking77077″]completely work in progress[/q]

otaking77077 has has taken his version down and youtube user JPL4185 has re-uploaded it after adding some equally amazing sound effects and music. I hope otaking77077 is still working on this animation and a longer version is released. It would be incredible if someone at LucasFilms/Disney gets a glimps of this, resists the urge to sue the living hell out of um, and gives them a job to create a series in a simular fashion ( I am dreaming I know). Enjoy!