Reset: Indie Developer Spotlight

So… as finals week approaches I seem to forget that I have articles sitting here, ready to post, but as late in the game this is, if you haven’t seen the trailer for this new indie game blowing up my senses, Reset. Here it is…


From the description in the youtube video this trailer was produced entirely within the game engine this Finish indie team at “Theory Interactive” is working with. This trailer has a couple things going for it. First and foremost the visuals are spectacular and with such attention to detail it’s hard to imagine any gamer not jumping up and down in excitement for this. This trailer also sports a beautiful score, created by one of the team members, that does a great job setting the tone for this game. Although the market is saturated with post-apocolyptic games, this one does tend to stand out for me. The trailer is untelling of what type of game it will be but on the team’s development page they make mention that it will be a first-person puzzle game.

Here are a few screenshots that were first posted by the team to get people excited:

This game certainly does have my attention and I am excited to see where this project goes.


Here you can visit:

Theory Interactive’s page

Reset Development Blog

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