The Live Action Akira Movie Is Finally Dead! …jk

Akira. My first introduction into the world of Anime. The gateway drug to an addiction that would lead a good portion of my high school life into a downward shame spiral of “glomping”, cosplaying and making the worst possible attempts at speaking and understanding Japanese. That’s right ladies and gentleman. I was a Weeaboo. I can’t lie to you and tell you if you are in-fact a Weeaboo or know a Weeaboo that they will turn their life around and repair the seemingly irreparable damage that can be caused be eating ramen and pocky for weeks on end has assuredly done to your/their mental/physical wellness.

What I can tell you is that Weeaboo or not Akira is an incredible animated movie. If you have not seen it I recommend you get off your ass and get to Amazon and pick up a copy

Now someone there at Warner Brothers has apparently done just that (got their hands on a copy of Akira) and has took the liberty of RUINING IT FOR ALL OF US. As Warner Brothers gears up their live action version of Akira I am only left wandering… WHY?

Just a few days ago WB announced that there was a halt on the preproduction of Akira and for a moment the storm that is my rage began to break and the heavens began to open up… only for whatever extraterrestrial deity is deciding our live to just take a steaming piss all over me.

“At a time when blockbuster budgets are facing extra scrutiny, Warner Bros. has halted pre-production on its live-action “Akira” remake, which Jaume Collet-Serra is set to direct. Studio confirmed Thursday that it shut down the project’s Vancouver offices as the creative team reworks the story. “

Not only does it kill me that this nightmare has not reached an end but worse is that they want to “Rework the story”…


The only saving grace to this whole debacle is that they have confirmed that Tron Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund has been confirmed to play one of the two leading rolls.



Author: Phil Hoyt

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