Music Monday: 8-bit Beatles.

This is my first piece for #nerd and I was assigned Music Monday. Daunting task to me since I normally don’t delve into video game soundtracks or music and the like although I’ve always wanted to, so I saw this as an opportunity. I wanted to write about something that mirrored my experience as well. I was hoping there would be an 8-bit cover album of some of my favorite artists, maybe something like Daft Punk that lends itself well to the re-work to begin with (there is such an album). But when I stumbled upon this Beatles compilation of 8bit re-workings I was blown away. Exactly what I was looking for and hoping to share, a bridge for the traditional music minded into the growing scene of ChipTune(BlipCore). A lot of these re-workings ( a term I prefer to covers in this situation since they aren’t note to note interpretations) are extremely well done and an enjoyable and eye opening listen, but upon seeing my favorite Beatles tune, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and instantly was curious as to how it was done. It’s normally a very calm and chilling song and many of those kinds of songs by the Beatles were worked into ChipTune stompers for this compilation, but I was hoping that they left Strawberry Fields Forever untouched and let it keep that amazing atmosphere. I was pleased, the 8-Bit reworking kept that calming atmosphere and even added a tinge of urgency brought on by that futuristic voice. Enjoy and hopefully your favorite Beatles song is included and you can have as much fun exploring as I did.


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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