Change your Desktop Background, Save money.

Like many others I am plagued with debt. Nothing to crazy, just some student loans and credit debt, but it still seems difficult to manage. On top of debt I also have saving goals to purchase some high priced items. At the moment that being a new lens to replace the one I had to sell to make rent a few months backs when I hit a rough patch. But in the age of Amazon and Ebay buying things has gotten as easy as a simple click! So these saving goals are usually replaces with purchasing large amounts of less expensive items. Like rebuilding my NES game collection (silly I know). As much fun as it might be to purchase these smaller items it does no good for getting out of debt. To help combat the single click purchase I have put together a desktop background of my goal. So now every time I go to by Contra I am reminded of what I could have.


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

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