Valve Controllers in Testing

Back in March patents of Valves rumored controller surfaced the internet. Then as most Valve projects everything went dark until last week when a group of /v/ members visited the Valve studio and Gabe let some information slip. Very unlike Gabe, but I will take it. Apparently there are three prototypes in the mix being tested and when looking back on the patents I get excited. When asked why controllers Gabe had the following to say.

“The reason we’re doing controllers is we didn’t think there was enough interesting innovation going on.”

This also seems the next most logical step in entering the hardware game to accompany their Big Picture Beta. The interchangeable controls with the Trackball might make playing First Person Shooters with a controller bearable.


via Engadget & Kotaku


Author: Phil Hoyt

Web Developer, WordPress Expert, Marketing Enthusiast

3 thoughts on “Valve Controllers in Testing”

  1. Playing first person shooters with a controller will never be bearable. The precision you get with a console controller is nothing compared to what you get with a mouse. While this is a cool idea and the design is somewhat reminiscent of arcade gaming. I think this is a step backwards for PC gaming. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe this could be what it takes to get more console gamers back on the PC as PC gaming as taken somewhat of a hit in years past.

    Either way I’ll still take a mouse and WASD any day.


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